Doc Rivers OUT As Clippers Coach

Today, Woj tweeted that the LA Clippers will not bring back head coach Doc Rivers.  As you all know Rivers and his Clippers, who were title favorites, lost in epic fashion to the Denver Nuggets in the second round and the blame was immediately put on Rivers, Paul George, and the lack of leadership the team contained.

I’ll be totally honest, this is the 100% right decision by the Clippers front office.  Doc Rivers will always hold a place in my heart for what he did with the 2008 Celtics.  However, Doc Rivers is also the most overrated coach in NBA history and I’m not sure anyone can debate that.  Rivers has underachieved his entire coaching career outside of those 2008 Celtics.  The fact he only got one championship with them still too his day makes me mad.  But, it’s how Rivers was with the Clippers that made them make this easy decision.

Personally Rivers should have been fired when they couldn’t even make it to the WCF with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, JJ Reddick and the whole 2011-2017 teams he had.  But they stuck with him and he had to do a small rebuild, something he was opposed to in Boston.  But this Clippers team was supposed to be different.  ESPN shoved it down our throats since last July.  “Look at all this talent! Kawhi, Paul George, Lou Williams” the list goes on.  But the one remaining factor of a stained and fake Clippers history continued to lead them out of that locker room game after game.  But he was never the answer.

The problem with this year’s Clippers team was the lack of leadership and the cancerous behavior Paul George brings to any locker room.  But that could have all been prevented if Rivers actually showed the leadership and put Paul George and the rest of those egos in check.  It doesn’t matter how much talent a team has.  If they don’t have a stable leader to manage those egos and talent, they will fail and unfortunately that’s what happened to the 2020 Clippers.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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