If You Think the Celtics Need to get Rid of ANYONE, Give Me Your Fan Card

Celtics fans get annoying. I think it’s the privilege that Boston sports team have given us over the last 2 decades. One thing people forget is that success is one and half teams. Red Sox got a couple and the Patriots have 6. Cs and Bs have 1 each. We’re not used to the Celtics winning so why is that the expectation? We think we have all the pieces, but this is the best team Brad Stevens has had in 7 years. It’s also led by a 22 and a 23 year-old. What did you do at 22-23? Didn’t go to the Eastern Conference Finals for the THIRD time, that’s for sure. Let’s get into it.

Game 6 + Heat Series

Let’s make one thing clear: The Celtics did not want it as bad as The Heat. The last minute of Game 6 was the most urgency they showed all series. One of our CGS fearless leaders said it best:

The Heat played good all series and the Celtics could’ve easily won 4-1, shit maybe even have swept. They didn’t play their best ball and were still in every game. The effort wasn’t there. Plain and simple. Also, I’ve been talking about it for weeks, but we need to stop taking so many awful three-pointers. This team isn’t a shooting team. They need to drive to the hoop and get fouled. If someone is open then take it, but these shots that are less than 10 seconds into the shot clock and a defender in the face is a guaranteed way to lose any game. Kemba wasn’t at 100%, Jayson Tatum took too long to get going, Smart thinks he can shoot like Ray Allen, I mean everything that could go wrong, went wrong. That’s okay though because the core of this team is here and this experience will pay off. This series made me so sick, to be honest. The Celtics were there, man. They were so close and this was the easiest route they may ever have in the foreseeing years. It felt to me they didn’t want to be there and that’s what bothers me the most. We love our Boston teams to be gritty and there was zero grit this series. I’m done with this series. We lost, it sucks, lets move on.

The Future

If you think getting rid of any one of these names, give me your Celtics fan card: Brad Stevens, Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but even the Jay’s. If you think someone from this list has to go, then you should go with them. I see people saying Brad needs to go because he’s not a motivator, which I say — kick rocks, stupid. These are grown men that make more money than their coaches. You really think that yelling and screaming shit is going to work? If you’re not hyped up in an elimination game, then go the fuck home. We need to add pieces. No one needs to go. We need a knock down shooter, and a starting big that is better than Theis. Love Theis but he isn’t the center on a Finals team. Would love him as a back up. I hope Robert Williams really comes into his own because that would knock out half the problems right there. My expectations, or I should really say hope, is he can become like a Bam. If he does that, a shooter, 1 or 2 better bench guys, and we’re are right back in the Eastern Conference next year. People are really calling to blow this whole team up. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Jaylen Brown is 23, Jayson Tatum is 22! That’s a joke, dude. These two kids are going to be forces in the NBA for years to come. Once again that Boston privilege comes in, and people think we should have 8 rings. LeBron didn’t win till he was 27, MJ was 28, and Jay Squared are in better shape than both was when it comes to the team around them at a young age. Everyone calm down. I’ll hit the panic button in 6 years from now.

Final Thoughts

I’m so mad we lost this series that I almost cried. No joke. I haven’t been emotionally invested in a team like that in so long. After the game, I had a smoke session, took a long shower, and thought about it all from the point of knowing I had to write this article. I was heated last night for the same reason I am now: NO ENERGY. Did they even want to win? Not once did I think, well we have to get rid of *enter name here.* I see no reason to get rid of anyone. Where is one? We have all the pieces besides a center, a shooter, and a better bench. Not an entire bench either, but a PG better than Wannamaker and shooter. We’ve known for 2 years they needed a shooter and this series you saw the importance of it. I love this team and can’t wait for next year. We’ve heard before that the Cs are 1 or 2 guys away from winning it all. This is the first time I truly believe it.

-Mike (@amikwithamic_)

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