The NFL Might Nix the One Helmet Rule

The one helmet rule has been a rule people have hated since it has been in effect. There have been so many uniforms that people love that have not been able to be worn for years because of it. The main goal was to reduce the head injuries. Supposedly, a broken in helmet helps prevent that more than a brand new one. But if that is so, then why do college teams wear so many helmets? Oregon along has at least 10. Here are some of the uniforms that people will love to see again if Goodell decides to ditch this rule in 2021.

Tom Brady New England Patriots throwback jersey game 8x10 11x14 ...

Pat Patriot Throwbacks – This has always been a clean look. It warms the hearts of all the old Pats fans that lived through the dark ages. With the dark ages potentially right around the corner, might as well bring these back right? The Pats look great in red, and the white helmet is the only thing holding this back.

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Buccaneers Creamsicles – Hate them or love them, this is about as classic as it gets. These bad boys come from when the Bucs were winless, so old fans would love to see some potential success in these uniforms since they’ve added the greatest QB of all time. Getting to see Tom in the creamsicles would absolutely make that pill a little easier to swallow.


Broncos Elway Days – The Broncos have been trying to bring back orange as their primary color, but it just doesn’t look as good with the current uni’s. They tried to recreate this throwback with their color rush. But again, it just doesn’t have the same feel with the navy blue helmet. This is what the Broncos should look like. Changing the helmet could be the first step to bringing it back.

NFL Throwback Jerseys That Should Return For NFL 100 | Per Sources

Houston Oilers – This has always been one of my favorite uniforms of all time. If the Titans hadn’t changed uniforms to the stupid navy blue helmets they have now then they could still do this. Texans fans might not love a team in Tennessee wearing their old teams uniforms, but that is the history of the jersey.

Seattle Seahawks on Twitter: "Curious why we don't wear these ...

Old School Seahawks – This is a look the Seahawks never should have ditched. Their current uniforms might not even look too bad with the silver helmets. The royal blue and green was just a great combo. Anything is better than the lime green they’ve decided that they need to incorporate.  Even Russell Wilson wants to rock these duds.

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-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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