The NFL Comes Down on Antonio Brown

The long drawn out Antonio Brown saga is finally over. HAHA just kidding no it’s not, just one of many, many issues has a resolution.

The NFL has finally come out with its punishment of Antonio Brown after an investigation into the lawsuit filed against him by his former trainer. With Brown claiming that the relationship between the two of them was consensual.

What is interesting about this suspension is that it is strictly for the 2020 season, whether Brown is on a team or not.

So after week eight concludes, a team could sign Brown. He could then begin to play right away for them.

Although the NFL also said that any other shenanigans by Brown will result in a more substantial punishment.

And as you see from the other tweet from Schefter. If some team, now understanding Brown’s full punishment, decides to take a flier on the troubled receiver he can participate in all pre-season activities and his suspension would begin on September 5th when the official regular season begins.

Eight games does not seem surprising to me. Perhaps, it is more about everything Brown has done since being released by the Patriots as well as the sexual assault allegation against him.

It is surprising that his suspension begins week one, whether he has a team or not. Usually I feel these suspensions are held over a players head and don’t begin until he has a team.

The question is, why did this take so long? We all know the NFL is not doing anything with preparing teams or players for the possible effects of the coronavirus for their games.

And it took Goodell all but five minutes after hearing that Tom Brady “probably knew” about the deflated footballs to hand out a four game suspension. So what gives? I’m not exactly an Antonio Brown fan by any stretch of the imagination but he was right on his instagram post basically asking the NFL “what’s the hold up?”

Investigations like this, for a multi-billion dollar business don’t take 11 months. Perhaps the NFL was getting pressure from teams with interest in Brown, wanting to know what the punishment would be.

They don’t want to sign someone as talented as AB is just to learn that he is suspended for the year and for him to retire for the fifth time this month.

With this news coming out today as players both report to training camps and opt out of the 2020 season. And knowing that AB whether on a team or not, will be able to be back on an NFL field come week 9, which is November 8th (Pats @ Jets on MNF) I think someone scoops him up.

With players opting out, a desperate team might swallow the first half suspension of AB in exchange for his services on the back nine (it’s eight games I know).

Is that team the Patriots? HELL NO. That ship has sailed, no matter how many people on Patriots twitter seems to think it hasn’t. Has Belichick ever really been about giving second chances?

It would be one thing if Brown had behaved all season and acted up, away from Bill’s watchful eye. But the dude couldn’t even make it eleven days without slipping up. Thank you for that one game in Miami Antonio, but your days with the Patriots are over

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit)

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