The NCAA Approves Barstool Sports’ LetThemPlay Tournament

Today, the NCAA officially approved Barstool Sports’ LetThemPlay Tournament for the women’s golf regional that was cancelled because of course conditions.  Barstool’s own, Riggs, was the mastermind behind the LTP Tournament and immediately started setting it up after the NCAA cancelled play last week.

So, if you live under a rock, last Wednesday the NCAA cancelled the women’s golf regional because of course conditions.  NCAA officials cancelled the event without a hole being played because the course was essentially under water and told the girls that no golf will be played.  That, of course, caused an uproar because the teams said they want to play and didn’t care if the course wasn’t in top shape.  As a golfer myself, I would have also wanted to play and I don’t blame those girls for trying.  But, the NCAA had their minds made up and literally turned their backs on the athletes who had legit questions about the cancelled event.

NCAA officials cancelled the event and then refused to answer any questions.  This is why the NCAA continues to be a shitty organization that proves time and time again that they don’t care about the actually athletics.  They don’t care about the sports or the athletes, all they care about is the revenue and their brand (which is already tarnished).

But Barstool and Riggs came to the rescue and it is awesome to see 13 schools and 48 golfers compete.  What was great about this is that is was a win-win for the girls and Barstool.  If Barstool and Riggs succeeded on putting this together, they would have some great marketing and 48 lifelong fans.  If they didn’t succeed and were somehow denied by the NCAA then it would probably be some great solid evidence for a lawsuit against the NCAA.  I’m glad Barstool did succeed in this and I’m excited to see how these players play at Whirlwind this week!

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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