The Rafters Pod Ep. 62: A Difficult Season, Wizards Play-In


Joined by Couch Guy Sports Content Creator Al Nahigian, Liam jumps into a lack-luster end to the season following two brutal losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. Securing the 7th Seed in the Eastern Conference, Boston faces off against the scalding hot Washington Wizards on Tuesday at 9 PM. Things look bleak for the City of Champions with four G-League players getting serious minutes in the last five games. Injuries and Inconsistencies have gotten the better of this team beating them down and leaving them to wallow. A playoff birth is still possible but success beyond that point looks even less likely. The time is now to look forward to next off-season where serious changes have to be made to bolster this team and make a run as a contender once again.

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