The Arizona Cardinals Will Win the NFC West

Perpetually one of the strongest divisions in football, the NFC west annually houses at least one contender.

In the past decade the Rams, Seahawks, and 49ers have all made super bowls. The only team that you may notice is out of that group resides in Phoenix.

However, this could be the year we welcome the Arizona Cardinals to the NFL elite.

For the first time since Carson Palmer roamed the gridiron, the Cardinals are poised to reach the highest perch in the NFL.

It starts with winning their division, and here are 3 reasons why.

Kyler is Will Be a Stud

Kyler Murray, if you recall, was a little small coming into the league.

This, ostensibly, was a scary prospect for NFL teams who still held the ethos of big, strong armed guys who would sit in the pocket that prevailed even a few years ago.

With the emergence of Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson, and even the running talents of Josh Allen, this perspective is now old news.

Outside of New England, what’s in is versatility.

Can you quarterback throw it over the top and scramble for 20 yards on any given play?

With more protection than ever for QB’s and more spread offenses than ever before, the NFL has designed itself for these hyper athletics quarterbacks.

Kyler sits firmly in this mold. He can make any throw, and run, and of course, throw while running.

Kyler, in his third year in the league, will see the game slow down (like many quarterbacks do) and will emerge as one the the preeminent offensive forces in the league.

Of course, he will have some help from reason number 2.

Unreal Wide Receiver Room

Here’s a fun list of a few of the weapons Mr. Murray will have at his disposal this season.

Christian Kirk, very good and fast.

AJ Green, free from the Bengals and assuredly, still very good. Red zone threat.

D-Hop. This speaks for itself but let me remind you this is man is a cyborg made in a lab to play football.

Andy Isabella, who would be a star on many teams, but finds himself in a crowded room.

Those four alone are enough to get any QB salivating, but you throw Edmonds at RB in there as well and this offense can do it all.

Kyler can literally throw to any of those guys or take it himself, it doesn’t matter.

Good luck trying to stop these dudes.

Innovative Coaching

The best way to take advantage of versatile playmaking, and really the only way, is with a creative scheme.

Well, one of the most creative minds of anyone on the offensive side of the ball happens to be the head coach of this squad.

The inexperienced, effortlessly cool, and mad genius Kliff Kingsbury resides as the man with the mic for Kyler and this offense.

I mean come on, a dude with this setup won’t have a creative and exciting offense?

Kliff Kingsbury's Arizona mansion had social media buzzing | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Safe to say I am all in.

Bringing It Home

With turmoil in Seattle, the 49ers unsure QB situation, and Rams putting themselves in the hands of an unproven but (I think) very good Matt Stafford, the division is there for the taking.

If this team can win the toughest division in football, who is to say they can’t win it all.

With an improved defense as well, the Cardinals will be tough to beat this year.

Then again, if they’re scoring 40 points a game who cares about defense.

The Dirty Birds are about to clean up the rest of the league. You’ve been warned.

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