The MLB has Finally Gotten Something Right

As of yesterday, Major League Baseball is officially back. The MLB and MLPA finally decided last night on the parameters of a 2020 baseball season.

The plan as it stands is to have a 60-game season where teams will play 40 divisional games, and 20 interleague games. That may not be to the pleasure of some, such as playoff hopefuls like the Cincinnati Reds, but that is how it is set.

Also, due to the uniqueness of the situation, other rules that have been implemented for the season. For example, this season will include extra-innings starting with a runner on second base. But that is not as important -or awesome- as another change the MLB is making for 2020: a universal designated hitter.

With Rob Manfred and the MLB screwing around for the past few months, I am glad I can finally say to them, “good job”. It was only a matter of time before baseball added a DH to the National League, and introducing during this season will be great for both fans, and the game.

Fans won’t have to watch pitchers like Jon Lester hit .065 in 71 at-bats like he did in 2015, and pitchers won’t have to worry about getting hurt by simply stepping out of the batter’s box.

The only downside I can see is not being able to witness greatness like a Bartolo Colon home run. But at the end of the day, there is only one “Big Sexy”. Offense sells and pitchers like Colon and the aforementioned Lester were rarely a part of the run scoring efforts unless they were giving up bombs to the opposing team.

In addition, there won’t be anymore butchers in the outfield like Kyle Schwarber or Eric Thames. Those type of guys will be able to do what they do best: hit the baseball.

Besides, in a 60-game season does anyone want a pitcher batting when every game is more important than ever? Didn’t think so.

So I guess this is me giving a round of applause to the MLB. Something I definitely did not expect to do in 2020 after the negotiating mess they have been subjecting all of us to.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @CubsZone

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