The Martellus Bennett Saga

Last night tight end Martellus Bennett made his return to the Patriots, as he suited up for the teams 41-16 win over the Denver Broncos. He finished the game with 3 receptions for 38 yards.

All of this, after Bennett was released by the Green Bay Packers for “failure to disclose an injury.” Bennett spurned the Pats to sign with Green Bay this offseason.

Shortly after Aaron Rodgers went down for the Packers, it was announced that Bennett would be undergoing season-ending surgery on a torn rotator cuff. But following his release, Bennett went on an Instagram rant with claims that the team doctors wanted him to play through that injury:

Since Bennett spoke out, multiple Packers players have gone out of their way to defend the teams medical staff. Jordy Nelson had this to say:

There is plenty of speculation to be had with this entire situation. Bennett could very well have a painful shoulder injury, but did he even want to be in Green Bay? With Aaron Rodgers out, the team has gotten practically zero offense with Brett Hundley at the helm. Bennett was probably comfortable with ending his season because he didn’t have a competent quarterback, until now of course.

His level of commitment with Green Bay can certainly be in question, as he played perfectly fine in his season debut with the Pats. Following the game, he made it seem like the decision to return to New England wasn’t an easy one:

Was this “fuck it, lets go ball” mentality really what he was experiencing, or was this all a long con to leave the Packers? It really feels like the latter, but I could care less. If I was a Packers fan I’d definitely be pissed about this, but I’m not.

Stay salty Tom Crabtree.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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