Roger Goodell Wants $50Mil Per Year And Other Wild Requests In His Next Contract

It has been floating around the internet for a short period of time now that the current commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, is seeking some INSANE things in his contract extension.

First let’s start off with the salary. Goodell actually wants a salary of nearly $50 Million per year. According to ESPN, one owner came out and said flat out that there are some owners who don’t even make $40 Million per year.

Imagine that? Imagine the guy that YOU hire making more money than you? Because what people forget, Goodell is not the boss of the owners. The owners are his employer. So just put yourself in their shoes and go out on the street, hire a guy, then give him more money than you make. Asinine. That is laughable in itself.

His second big request is that he wants healthcare for he and his family for the rest of their lives. I actually can’t laugh at this one whole heartedly. Really. The only reason why this is insane is because the players don’t even get their own healthcare coverage post career. Seriously? You want to get healthcare until the day you die when you can’t even supply it to the warriors on the field who are suffering from severe brain injury post playing career? Now that part is laughable. Being at a top comedy show belly-laugh-like. Like being at a Louis C… Oh.

And finally we have my favorite bit in the entire requested deal. He wants a private jet FOR LIFE. I know everyone here in New England has been rattled about this guy for a couple of years now, but my God, if Goodell has one thing that I thought he didn’t have, it was some serious walnuts. A private jet for life!?

And since it is his own private jet, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say it wouldn’t only be used for business. Goodell and his little red-headed family would be shipping themselves all over the place once he’s done as the commish. Are we going insane here people? This is a real request.

I don’t even think people get company cars after they’re done working for a high end actuarial firm. Straight up don’t even know what that kind of work is but I have a buddy who does it and I know it pays him the goods.

And this sociopath is actually requesting a plane. A full blown aircraft. I get worried at work when I ask for time off. And this guy is straight up asking for a plane to himself. I’m shook. I don’t know what to say. The balls on this guy have to be bowling balls. No question.

And the worst part of the reports are that the other owners on the Compensation Committee, one who goes by the name of Bob Kraft, are IN on this. This is anarchy. Kraft. Babe. Do you remember what he did to you and the boys? Do I hate Jerry Jones? Yeah. Am I shocked he is still alive and as spry as ever? You’re damn right. But Jones is gunning for that commissioners ass.

I know plenty of people have tossed their hat in the ring. And believe me, I like the job I’m working right now. But throw me $1Mil and I’m your new commissioner, NFL. What do I have to do? Screw up some suspensions a couple of times a year and then waste the NFL’s money by battling it in court? I’m so good at spending money it’ll make your head spin. Where do I send in the app? Can I find it on NFL.com/jobs? Comment below, NFL. Just gotta tidy up the ol’ resume.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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