The Lasershow is Over: Dustin Pedroia Announces His Retirement From Baseball

It’s been a long time coming. No, the boy isn’t back in this case. Unfortunately, this boy is calling it quits for good. For some time now, Red Sox fans have been wondering what the future holds for second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Well today, that answer was made abundantly clear. Dustin Pedroia officially announced his retirement today via Zoom press conference after a 14 year MLB career.

This is quite the time for Red Sox fans as they are dealing with a time of uncertainty. We don’t know how the 2021 Red Sox will shape up. But we now know that number 15 will not be playing second base ever again for the Red Sox. Let’s take a look back at Pedroia’s career a bit before we get into the future.

The Accolades

Dustin Pedroia has a lot to be proud of in his MLB career. Defensively, he won four gold gloves. He was named an All-star four times (2008-2010, 2013) as well as winning the MVP award in 2008 as well. The one they called “Pedey” also won three World Series titles with the Red Sox (2007, 2013, 2018). Oh and for good measure, he was the 2007 A.L. Rookie of the Year. Pedroia was quite the ballplayer in the prime of his career and has the awards/rings to prove it.

The Full Career in Boston

Pedroia has now done something that is so rare these days in professional sports. He completed his career completely as a Red Sox player. You do not see many athletes play for the duration of their career in one city anymore. Pedroia did that and loved every second of it. That’s a testament to how important Pedroia was to the Red Sox organization through it all. I’m sure he might have had opportunities to leave. But he didn’t and Red Sox nation will always be appreciative for Pedroia being around through all of the good times and the bad.

What’s Next?

Big respect to Pedroia here for this answer. He can very easily work in the Red Sox organization. But for now, he wants to live a normal life and be a dad. Coaching and being around baseball will always be an option for Pedroia. But like he said in his press conference earlier, it takes a ton of time. He’s getting 12 million dollars in 2021 from the Red Sox, as they are honoring his contract for this season. Why not take some time with the family and enjoy life? Good move Dustin!

In Conclusion

It was time. This should’ve been done a few years ago personally. But, I admire and respect Pedroia for trying to come back and play. But the knee was never going to be the same. That doesn’t mean Pedroia didn’t have a fantastic career. We all know Dustin Pedroia will end up being a Red Sox Hall of Famer. It was a great career, but it was time to call it quits. Will Pedroia end up working for the Red Sox? I think so. Until then, we’ll see what happens. Enjoy some Pedroia defensive highlights, and thanks for everything Dustin!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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