Is The Pellington 703 The Best Gun You’re Not Using?

With the Cold War guns pretty much fully integrated into Verdansk, we can finally assess what guns are worthy and unworthy. Cold War has come with a ton of criticism and rightfully so. The game seems unfinished and in a limbo it can’t get out of because of Warzone.  But what Modern Warfare and Cold War are doing to Verdansk is great. I love the fact that they are combining the two games into one mode and really allowing the fans to enjoy both.

But, with the addition of the Cold War guns being fully introduced and becoming more and more of the game. Which weapons are worth your time picking up and sticking with to get those Warzone dubs?  For starters, the two that stick out to me almost immediately are the Counter Measures (blue Pellington) and the Souvenir (blue XM4). These are the only two guns that I will pick up and not swap out for my loadout. Why? Because they are the closest thing to a custom class without having to track down $10,000 to use.

I am going on a limb and say the Pellington is probably the second best sniper in COD history. It is, of course, behind the Intervention and it is much better than any other COD sniper I have played with recently. But what makes the Pellington so useful? Well, for starters, the gun has three variants in the game (gray, green and blue). All of them are pretty much a guarantee find no matter where on the map you drop. And they are better than both gold and purple snipers you can pick up. For me, the gold sniper with the thermal is a waste. At this point in the game, everyone has cold-blooded and that scope drives me nuts. Then the other sniper has a very weird and almost unnatural scope as well. It only zooms in on the cross-hairs and even that is tough to see. But with the Pellington there is no flaws. You can see clear as day out of that lens and everything you see is everything you get. It is perfect. Both the green and blue are one shot kills to the head even if the person has full shield, and the gray is only 2 shots. At that point it doesn’t really matter if you have the gray or the blue – the gun is essentially the same.

The same thing goes for the Souvenir. The XM4 can be picked up either gray, green or blue. But the gray and blue aren’t even close. The blue is by far the best one you can pick up.  Similar to the Counter Measure, the Souvenir is pretty much a loadout gun. It has solid attachments and close to 0 recoil.  That is really all you can ask for in floor loot.  It has the power to carry you from your first circle to the final circle with at least 8 kills in between.  I think we need to enjoy the exceptional floor loot now before COD updates it.  Both of these weapons are beyond its years and it shows.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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