Are the Houston Rockets Officially Back?

As a basketball fan, I hate watching the Houston Rockets. All I see is James Harden dribble through his legs, step back, and hit a three. Now that has changed.

With Chris Paul and Clint Capela fully back in the fold, Houston has become the team that everyone thought they could be at the start of the season. It is no longer the one man show we have come accustomed to seeing night in and night out. Currently, the Rockets are riding a 6-game win streak, shooting up to third in the Western Conference.

Even though Harden has still been scoring almost at will, the impact of Capela and Paul can not be understated. Capela is a monster on the boards (snatching 15 in last nights win over the Raptors), while Paul facilitates for everyone on the court. It has even helped Eric Gordon who has been pretty bad for most of the year.

Having everyone back makes the Rockets that much more dangerous. Early in the year they were being carried by last year’s MVP. Now that does not have to happen. They are officially back and ready to take on the best of them.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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