The Fact That James Harden Never Gets Called For Traveling With This Move Is WILD

It was hot in the streets to talk about James Harden’s step back that’s the most obvious travel in the world. Look, we obviously understand at this point that James Harden has made this move his staple. This is it. This is what he does. But in what world is this NOT a travel?

I tweeted this on my own account last night and after getting some favorable Twitter applause because let’s be honest, why else would you want to be on Twitter? But after I got some people on the Harden hate train, I actually had some people DEFENDING this wild move.

I had a guy telling me this is a gather step.

A gather step basically gives you two full steps to, well, gather yourself when dribbling or grabbing the ball in whatever way it happens. So if your momentum is carrying you forward, you have two steps you can take where it won’t be called a travel. I tried explaining that to this guy and I’m not positive, but there’s NO WAY he understands what momentum is.

Look, you don’t just get extra steps because you want extra steps and that’s essentially what Harden does every single time. His body isn’t pulling him backward for that extra step and he can stop himself. He just can. The fact that they let this guy three to four step on every single stepback he takes is asinine.

And I’m not mad about this because I’m a Celtics fan either. I’m so over this team that I almost want them to lose just because I’m ready for them to blow this situation up. The move is just such a blatant travel that I can’t stand for it anymore. If I have to be the Harden Travel alarm I’m gonna be the Harden Travel alarm. Someone’s gotta do it.

What am I? Some kind of sit at home ref? Yeah, that’s exactly who I am and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Also, someone explain to this man what momentum is. There are people who think you can just take two steps just for the hell of it. YEESH.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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