The Jaguars Plan On Dumping Blake Bortles For… Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles?!

Although he can’t officially sign for another ten days, it looks like Nick Foles has found a new home. It was rumored that the Philly hero might be tagged so that the Eagles could trade him. Foles was 6-2 in the regular season and 4-1 in the playoffs the last two seasons while replacing the injured Carson Wentz. The Eagles were hoping that his clutch performances would be enough to get someone to give something for him. However, with many teams in the league content with their quarterback situation, it seemed the market for Foles wasn’t as competitive as the Eagles had hoped. In fact, some reports said that there was no market outside of Jacksonville.

So what does this trade mean for Jacksonville? For the past two years, the Jaguars seemed to just be a quarterback away. Last season, poor quarterback play lead to a lot of losses, leading to a lot of infighting in the locker room. Jags fans are hoping that since many of the pieces from the Jaguars’ AFC Championship team are still around, adding Foles will allow the team to take that next step. And what about Bortles? It’s rumored that the Jaguars will simply part ways with the embattled quarterback. For every legendary Bortles performance, there was an equally bad outing. Jacksonville is hoping that Foles will bring more consistency to the position. While the Jaguars would like to trade Bortles, the massive contract they gave him last offseason will make that nearly impossible. As such, it looks like the Jaguars will simply release him.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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