The English Premier League Has A New Leader: Manchester United!

The English Premier League is continuing to bring lots of excitement onto 2021.

Looking back at Christmas time, Liverpool entered the ending of 2020 as leaders of the Premier League per my article back then. Now, speed forward onto 2021 and now the leaderboard looks different!

New Leader of the Premier League!

Yup, your eyes are working just fine! Manchester United is finally atop of the English Premier League! I am sure that if you are a United fan reading this, you are reminiscing the 2012/2013 campaign when Sir Alex Ferguson was the boss then! The 12/13 campaign brought United to first place with just 17 matches played and United went on to winning the EPL Title.

Many are likely calling Solskjaer the Ferguson of the modern day. Some are wondering how long this will go on for, and others are wondering if United are back to the glory days!

I am here to remind you, it is still early in the season and ANYTHING can change! So, allow me to share a few thoughts after tonight’s victory.

What does United Need to Do to Stay Atop?

For starters, congratulations to this Manchester United team that appears to be firing in all cylinders. While the season started a bit rocky and United was left out of Champions League competition, they are managing to stay focus and with a lofty goal ahead. The goal being of course, winning the EPL.

While united was quite during the January transfer window, they still completed a transfer for Amad Diallo. Who is Diallo? He is a young 19 year old talent brewing out of Atalanta and rest assure his energy will be a plus for the United locker room.

The energy that Diallo will bring to the locker room will be addictive but United will also need it as the momentum has got to keep going for these boys. Momentum, desire and hunger have got to stay at the minds of these players if they want to maintain that lead which won’t be easy.

Today’s game was a test of toughness and mental skill as Burnley even though the table says a different story, they played a tough game and at times even looked better than United.

In addition to keeping momentum and hunger alive, the only thing that I can think of for this United team to improve is what they need to do come Summer time.

MUST ACT: Summer Transfers!

While Paul Pogba was the star of today’s match and scored quite the goal for United tonight, his desire to stay with the team has been questionable all along.

Yes, we all know that Mino Raiola is a loud mouth and loves to stir the pot. However, even Pogba’s performances have been questionable as he plays at times like the talent he is, and other times, you just want to throw a snow ball at him. A player that doesn’t bring his A-game day in and day out, isn’t what United should be cashing on.

So a few transfers that I think could help this United team push forward:

Paul Pogba Trade:

Before the January transfer window rolled around, Juventus teased the opportunity to trade Pogba for Paulo Dybala. Frankly, I think this is a huge steal for a United team in need of a creator on the wings as Bruno Fernandes needs a little bit of freedom to continue his dangerousness. If I was Solskjaer, I would absolutely consider this trade in the summer without a question!

Transfer News: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees Paulo Dybala as the perfect playmaker for Man Utd | Daily Mail Online

Defensive Improvements Needed!

One thing I have been slightly disappointed on is the chemistry between Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. Earlier today, reports are teasing a possible transfer of Sergio Ramos to Manchester United. At first, I am not going to lie I absolutely chuckled! After a little while though, given some consideration, Ramos would be lethal to our attacking game!

Ramos would bring a strong and physical game to Old Trafford. His competitiveness would serve a locker room that desperately needs a leader in the back court as Maguire simply isn’t that person.

All in all though, today calls for a celebration as a United fan! First place sure does look great!

-Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter). 

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