#SoccerSaturdays: Liverpool back on top of Premier League for Christmas!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for another #Soccersaturday!

In this weeks’ edition, it is impossible to admire that the Premier League is under new leadership. Yes, if you watched this weekends matchup between Liverpool and Crystal Palace, there are new leaders in town.

Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool – Recap.

Earlier in the year when the transfer window processed and Thiago Alcantara joined Liverpool, we all knew Liverpool would be a major force to be reckoned with. However, as the year has progressed and Klopp’s Liverpool deals with injuries that picture became a little blurry.

Liverpool’s major loss this year was clearly Virgil Van Djik but as Jose Mourinho signaled earlier this week, Liverpool isn’t dealing with a crisis and should be fine to move forward with the league.

Thinking about the special one’s comment, he happens to hit the nail on its head.

Liverpool came into the match against Crystal Palace and did some serious damage right from the get-go. Palace’s Roy Hodgson took a massive TKO punch square in the face.

Takumi Minamino got the night started with a beautiful goal in the 3rd minute. The boys at palace tried very hard to move from that but anytime a game has a goal early in the first 5 minutes, it is difficult to focus on the task and get back in a groove.

Shortly as Palace was starting to get some sort of traction, a goal by Mane at the 35th and followed by another one by Firmino at the 44th, killed any chances of a comeback for Palace.

The second half quickly got underway and while Hodgson may have tried to revive the dynamic, Henderson and Firmino wanted far more control of the game and poured it on Palace!

By the time the whistle blew, Palace took a massive loss 7-0 at the hands of a mercy-less Liverpool side.

New Leadership in Town…

Speaking of Jose Mourinho, he must be sitting at his London hotel suite ripping his hair apart as he now has handed the leadership over to Klopp.

Tottenham has been knocked out of the first place and are actually now finding themselves in 3rd place. Everton took care of business on their end having beat Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal and climbed into the 2nd spot.

The question now lies on how long will Liverpool have that lead for. The main thing going for Liverpool is their undeniably talented offense led by a strong Thiago Alcantara, a unstoppable Mane, Salah and Firmino combination. Oh! and don’t let me forget about the fact that Allison Becker is now back in net and looks great.

For Liverpool, the key will be to continue this strong run and avoid getting more injuries. Otherwise, teams like Everton, Leicester City, or even Manchester United could take the lead. Klopp is one of those guys that thrives under pressure and frankly, unless Liverpool suffers more injuries, Liverpool’s lead is in for a good while.

What is Next for Crystal Palace?

I actually feel for Roy Hodgson at Crystal Palace. The poor old man has been trying so hard to make something out of a team that needs a lot for themselves.

At the beginning of the year, Hodgson almost lost his talisman Wilfried Zaha as the footballer wanted out of the club. Somehow, Hodgson and the management at Crystal Palace kept him. Now, Hodgson has to deal with an embarrassing thrashing!

Many in England have got to be wondering if they should sack England’s National Team previous boss, and my answer is yes. Its time!

Now why do I say this? Hodgson is a great guy and may be incredibly smart. However, age is catching up and becoming a concern. Crystal Palace can actually be a massive team but you need creativity and some nuance in that locker room, something that Hodgson will struggle to bring.

The perfect replacement for Hodgson could actually be someone like Pochettino. Someone who can make an actual change and take this team from nothing to something. A couple of other suiters could be people like Rafa Benitez who transformed Newcastle or maybe even Christophe Galtier from French league side, Lille.

All I know is that at this time, Crystal Palace needs change and immediately, unless they are considering tanking this season.

Last words..

Lastly, it is time to congratulate Jurgen Klopp for being elected as the Best FIFA Coach of 2020. Jurgen Klopp was awarded Best FIFA Coach for 2020 becoming the first coach to go back-to-back.

The other two candidates were Marcelo Bielsa from Leeds United and Hanz Flick with Bayern Munich. Personally, I wanted Bielsa due to the underdog story written earlier in the year and his management of a team with lots of potential talent.

However, Klopp has been undeniably good and its a deserved title. Congrats Jurgen!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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