The Drama in New England

It has been the talk all week long, is Tom Brady’s age starting to show? Brady is currently rated last among all starting Quarterbacks in the league in QB rating against the blitz. Although, Brady does have a lot of pressure on him this season. He has made it very obvious that he wants to play until he is forty-five. With that statement, every single time you take the field and you show sign of bad play, everyone will go right to his age.

Now it has been reported, Brady’s guy, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel, the Green Packers are considering having McDaniel’s as their next head coach if the organization decides to move on from head coach Mike McCarthy. ESPN’s Ian Connor released his new book in late September, “Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time.” The book brings more detail inside the drama that is going on with the Quarterback and the Coach. Brady has been able to rely on McDaniel’s and if he decides to leave New England, could that be end of Brady’s era in New England?

The Patriots have caught couple breaks during this 2018 NFL season. Two memorable ones that come to mind are the games against Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. Chicago was one yard away from tying that game and sending it to overtime. We don’t know what would have happen in that overtime. Then, in the fourth quarter against the Packers, Aaron Rodgers was taking his team down the field when running back, Aaron Jones fumbles, giving the ball back to Tom Brady. If they don’t fumble, Rodgers could have led his team to a victory on the road. The Patriots could be five and five. That would have brought a lot of panic for Patriots fans because that’s something that isn’t realistic in New England.

“The Patriot way” has really seemed to have lost its meaning for the last couple years. When Belichick drafted Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft that really seem to motivate Brady to work harder and really take care of his body. This then led to Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero, who Belichick had problems with. Belichick also felt that Guerrero was trying to have influence other players on the team. Belichick eventually ended up banning Brady’s trainer from the facility which, obviously, did not go over to well with Brady.

In has been unbelievable turn of events, one the greatest runs in NFL history is possibly going to end with pettiness. Here are two guys, future hall of famers, not appreciating one another with all they have accomplished together. It seems to happen every year with the Patriots, once the team loses a game, people start the asking the question, are they done? To me, this time feels a little different. With everything that has happened the last couple years, the super bowl loss, Belichick willing to move on from Gronkowski, Brady willing to divorce Belichick over the off-season, and much more, it just seems the end is closer than expected.

– Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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