Enjoy Mookie Betts While You Can

Mookie Betts’ 2018 season has been record breaking and one he’ll surely never forget.  World Series champion, gold glove, silver slugger, and AL MVP.  As a matter of fact he’s the only AL player in history to accomplish that feat.  But after all of that, Mookie Betts’ days in a Red Sox uniform are limited.

Mookie Is Sadly Going to Leave Boston

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In January of 2018, Betts won his arbitration hearing with the Red Sox earning him $10.5 million this year as opposed to the Red Sox offer of $7.5 million.

The then 25 year old Betts who was a .291 hitter at the time almost broke an arbitration record in terms of money.  Kris Bryant of the Cubs won his arbitration hearing earning him $10.85 million on the year which is the highest for a player in year one of arbitration.

When Mookie Betts was asked about his future and whether or not he’ll sign a deal with Boston, he said that he’s “focused on 2019”.  That doesn’t sound like a player that is ready, or wants to sign with his current team.  However; for whatever it’s worth he did say he loves it in Boston in July when he took part in the All-Star game in Washington D.C.

Mookie is entering year two of arbitration with no sign of an extension in sight.  The Red Sox also signed Pearce, Price, and Sale so far and with Mookie winning arbitration, the Red Sox will go over the luxury threshold.  Again.  Too many elite players and too little money.  One good thing that will help the Red Sox is not having Kimbrel’s contract.

Kimbrel who made $13.5 this past season for the Red Sox will test free agency this year after declining Boston’s qualifying offer of $17.9 million.  If the Red Sox decide to get a closer in house *Brasier* then maybe, maybe, the Red Sox can work something out with Betts.

Arbitration hearings are ugly.  You literally have to prove your worth to a team and have independent arbitrators decide your fate.  So for now, enjoy Mookie while you can Boston, because he’ll be gone in two years probably.


-Brian Berard (@CouchGuyBrian)

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