The Drake Curse LIVES And Made Its Way Over to the Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Run

The Drake curse is one of the most real things in sports and you can’t change my mind on that at this point. It’s asinine. It makes absolutely zero sense but no matter who Drake roots for and reps, they lose. And that was no different last night.

The second that they showed Drake on the television screen, I basically knew it was safe for me to change my tv channel because the Bruins had the game locked up. I mean God damn, Bruins playoffs, Celtics playoffs, AND Sox vs Yankees? How do I choose?

And look, that’s taking nothing away from my B’s. Sure, it’s been a tough series as expected against Toronto. Hell, The Leafs are putting up more of a fight than I anticipated. They look good. They look fast and it looks like that rough team chemistry that we heard of over the regular season has dissipated. But the Bruins are playing some great hockey too. At least they did for a good chunk of last night’s game.

But if Drake’s wearing your team’s sweater or jersey, consider that night at least, cooked. It was a perfect night to do it too if you’re a Bruins fan. You’re down two games to one entering game four in Toronto. You need that win if you’re Boston. I don’t know, maybe Drake’s low key a big B’s fan and possibly self-aware at this point with the curse. Who knows.

But the sight of him in a Leafs sweater was a beautiful thing. Then and there you knew the series was shifting back to the TD Garden locked at two a piece.

And don’t get me wrong, I thought the Bruins played some great hockey last night. They earned that win despite being outshot. Tuukka, aside from allowing four goals, had a solid night of his own.

Drake’s gotta understand at this point though. If he wears his team’s uniform, the game’s already over. Now let’s play some more sticky puck and win us some hockey games, heh B’s?

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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