The Colorado Rockies Front Office is a Mess, Team Fails to Trade Trevor Story and More

The MLB Trade Deadline has come and gone with the Colorado Rockies making zero trades. You read that right, they Rockies are prepared to let All-Star Trevor Story walk in free agency this fall.

The Rockies were coming into Friday with tradable assets and could have added young, cheap and talented prospects in their system. Instead, the opted to stand pat and ride out the rest of the season with the team they have.

Leading up to the 4 pm deadline, rumors were swirling that the Rockies were going to trade Story. The Rays, Yankees and Giants were all viable landing spots.

Trade Deadline

After Friday, the Rockies continued to prove they have the most dysfunctional front office in the game.

It’s completely inexcusable to have a player like Story and not turn him into a haul of prospects. In addition to not trading Story, the Rockies held onto right-hander Jon Gray who will also become a free agent at the conclusion of the season.

Gray could have theoretically brought back a decent prospect return as well. Teams like the Rangers their tradable assets and gained prospects back. The Nationals, Twins and Cubs added significant young talent to their organization.

Front Office Strikes Out Again

Following the conclusion of the trade deadline, Trevor Story met with reporters and told them he was confused at what transpired.

“I’m confused and I don’t have really anything good to say about the situation and how it unfolded,” said Story.

Earlier on Friday morning, Mark Feinsand tweeted that the Rockies were not going to trade Story and Gray. The hope was to re-sign Gray or at the very least, tender him a qualifying offer.

Story will also receive the qualifying offer from Colorado but he’ll likely decline it. The Rockies will receive a compensatory draft pick. Which isn’t enough, not when prior to the season they traded Nolan Arenado and received lackluster return.

Conclusion… or Lack There Of

The Rockies are 44-59 on the season, which is good for fourth place in the National League West. The front office has feels like it has zero leadership and direction. Their interim general manager is former scouting director Bill Schmidt. It’s unknown why he didn’t trade Story or any of the players on his roster on Friday.

Rockies fans are angry over the Arenado trade and are now furious over the club not trading Story. It’s the rudderless ship in Colorado. The fans deserve better, the team deserves better.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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