The Clover Report: Week 32

Well, we made it boys and girls, we reached the finish line as the Boston Celtics’ season has ended. In this week’s Clover Report, I’ll recap the final game of the season and recap the season as a whole. Let’s get into it for one last time.

With the Celtics down 3—1 in the series, they headed back home against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Without Isaiah Thomas, the odds were still stacked high against the Celtics and it snowballed early. The Cavaliers led 43—27 after the 1st and didn’t look back. The final score was 135—102 and just like that the Cavaliers were headed back to the NBA Finals and the Celtics season was over. The only real dramatic moment in the entire game was when LeBron James passed Michael Jordan as the all-time leading scorer in playoff history with his game high 35 points.

So with it being the final Clover Report, I am not really going to focus on the final game but more of a season as a whole. After all, the Celtics ran out of the gas and the Cavaliers proceeded to steamrolled them. But as a fan/writer of the Celtics, I don’t know how anyone can walk away saying the season wasn’t a huge success. Let’s just go back to the previous year. The Celtics finished 5th in the conference with a 48—34 record and were eliminated in the first round. This year, the Celtics finished 1st overall in the conference with a 53—29, and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. That is progress in every sense of the word. Plus add to the fact that the team’s average age is just over 26, which was the youngest ever for a one seed. This team is setup to win now and win in the future. Also cool little note, the Celtics listed their top 5 moments of the year here and I have to say it was pretty much what I thought too.

So now what? Where do the Celtics go from here? While they are a really good team, they are just on the outside of being a true championship contender. The good news is that they have a ton of room of improve and they have a lot of options to do that by. They have the number one overall pick in the draft and will have at least $25 million dollars in cap space. So the Celtics are going to make some moves and it’s going to be fun. So to everyone who read my Clover Reports, thank you very much and these will be back in November.

So to end this on a good note, here is this….

And here is this….

On to the offseason everyone! #BleedGreen

Written By: Steven Santoro (SVS_1993)

Steven Santoro

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