The Celtics Need To Prove A Lot More

Great, the C’s have won two games in a row. The young guys are playing decent and the team seems to be back on track. Well this is not the case for the Celtics. Congrats for winning two games against teams that are not the good, but I need to see more. I was happy to see them actually destroy the Knicks last night, but their game against the Sixers was brutal. When Brown or Tatum do not score points, the Celtics are not going to look good. Either one of these players and Irving are going to have to put up points in order for this team to win games.

They came back late in the game to win and did not play that well. Up next for the C’s are the Bucks, who they loss to just last week. I want to see the Celtics come out and make a statement in this game. Someone please step up and shut Antetokounpo down, or at least slow him down a little. Stick Brown on him and just have him get in his face. Yes it will affect how Brown plays on the offensive side of the ball, but if you take Antetokounpo  away then the Bucks are not that great.  The Celtics at least have a day off before they play the Bucks which will help.

The Celtics have a lot to prove over the next ten games. I at least want to see them the games they should win ( Heat, Magic, Kings, Hawks, Lakers, Hornets). The game the game that I most looking forward to over the next ten games is against the Raptors. The Raptors are a team that will be contending for one of the top seeds in the East, so I want to see the Celtics put a good fight. Also once the C’s get everyone healthy, then they should start playing better as a unit.

Written By: Connor Strayer

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