The Bruins Inconsistency Will Kill This Team

There’s really only one word to describe the Bruins performance so far Yuck. They have been impressively inconsistent but although I am a little surprised I won’t say I’m shocked. The Bruins the past three years have been painfully inconsistent, they’ll give you games that fill you with hope that they are a contender and then they’ll put on a performance like Saturday and shit their pants with a lead.

The Bruins have played lazy hockey so far this season, no wonder they are 3-3-1. They are playing teams they should be beating like the Sabres or the Avalanche twice. Those are the games you need to win. It is early in the year but seven games in is when teams start to build their identity. Looking around the league teams that have come out flying have been teams that struggled last season the Lightning, The Avalanche, The Kings, the Islanders and The Devils. Oh and a team that didn’t even exist the Vegas Golden Knights. Some of these teams I expect to level off but having a hot start to the year can guarantee a playoff spot early on. I know it sounds ridiculous but having multiple win streaks of 3 or 4 games early in the year makes it so in the latter half of the season you can play .500 hockey and still make it to the dance.

That being said this is very early on in the season and no team is out of the playoffs of course. Do I think this team will be the top team in the Atlantic? No shot but they’ll make a push for third in the Atlantic or the first wild card which sucks. The Bruins have been in the same spot for the past few years not able to get to the top of the league and be a real contender for the Cup and also not bad enough to earn a high pick so they are forced to do a rebuild on the fly. This team is trapped in mediocrity but at least this year they have their young kids playing instead of signing 2 or 3 veterans to fill out the lineup. Let the kids play.

Speaking of the kids they have been producing offensively. Anders Bjork is looking good  and has started developing chemistry with Marchand and Bergeron that will continue to develop. Debrusk has shown some offense effectiveness early on as well and hopefully can get in touch with Pastrnak more as the season goes. McAvoy has lived up to his expectations as far as the offense prowess is concerned but the defensive zone still needs some work. The Bruins received steady goaltending from Khudobin while Rask is out with a concussion, which is something they lacked last season.

The Bruins will continue to be an average NHL team until their youth pulls through and until they play 60 minutes of hockey. We might be bound to watch an inconsistent Bruins team again this year but who knows maybe they’ll figure it out and put together some full efforts.

Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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