What Does Dustin Pedroia’s Knee Surgery Mean for the Red Sox Next Season?

The Red Sox have announced that second baseman Dustin Pedroia underwent successful knee cartilage restoration surgery this morning. According to the team his estimated time table for a return would be late May, which would leave them without him for the beginning of next season.

Pedroia was battling an ongoing knee injury for most of last season, keeping him on the DL for some brief stretches. During some of that time, the Sox were able to roll out Eduardo Nunez at second base after acquiring him from the Giants.

With Nunez set to hit free agency, does Pedroia’s injury make him a must sign this winter? I absolutely believe the Sox will need his depth next year for a few reasons. Dombrowski probably won’t want to spend too much money for a two month replacement, and Nunez could end up being not that costly of an option. Add that to the fact that you know what you’re going get out of him, being that he was on the team for a part of last season, almost makes this a no brainer to me. Eduardo Nunez has to be resigned to fill the hole at second base to start the season. Plain and simple.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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