The Celtics Can Win It All This Year

Tomorrow is the NBA trade deadline and it is one of the most electric days in the entire season of the NBA. Twitter is LIT all day with rumors about who’s going where and I can not wait to spend the whole day staring at my phone tomorrow. That being said, if Danny Ainge acquires Tyreke Evans, Lou Williams, or any other type of wing player that can score, watch out because the Celtics will have a legitimate shot at winning the finals this year and here’s why.

Cleveland is imploding. Its beautiful, I love it. From what it sounds like it doesn’t seem like the Cavs are going to make any moves at the deadline and that the hope to just figure it out. Now if they can do that then they will be a threat to the Celtics but the key word is IF. Last night after the Cavs blew a 21 point lead to the Magic, Isaiah Thomas came out after the game and said “when adversity hits, we go our separate ways.” Now to me that doesn’t sound like a team that is going to figure it out in the long haul.

Yes the Celtics got embarrassed by the Raptors last night but I think that was because of 2 things. First off Kyrie was coming back from his thigh bruise and just seemed to be rusty all night. Thats going to happen every now and then. No one goes undefeated in the NBA, you have games where you struggle and just don’t play well and that was last night. The other thing is that the Celtics were short handed off of their bench. And lets be honest, besides Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart no one has really been consistently great coming off the bench which brings me to my next point. Danny Ainge is trying to win banner 18 this year.

Rumor on the street is that the Celtics already have an agreement with center Greg Monroe. That is a fantastic move by Danny Ainge. He is a great rebounder and adds another scoring option off the bench for Brad Stevens. I ultimately believe that if Monroe plays well you could see him start some games from time to time depending on the matchup. Now the real genius by Danny Ainge is that he hasn’t officially signed Monroe yet and here is why. The Celtics have around 8million to spend because of the disabled player exception from Gordon Hayward (R.I.P). The Celtics reportedly are giving Monroe 5million which means the other 3million goes bye bye. So Danny is basically waiting to sign Monroe to use that 3 million in a trade exception which is absolute genius by him. So hypothetically speaking lets say the Celtics get Tyreke Evans along with Greg Monroe. If that happens take a seat because this team will go for a ride.

The Celtics have already split their season series with the Warriors. Both games were great but where did the Celtics get hurt most in those games? Rebounding and scoring off the bench. What do Greg Monroe and Tyreke Evans bring? Rebounding and scoring off the bench. This would be a tremendous move by Danny. I really believe the Celtics would go 7 games with the Warriors in the Finals if Danny gets Evans or some other type of wing player off the bench. So buckle up and get your phones charged up for tomorrow because it is going to be an interesting trade deadline.

Written By: Nick Katinas (nkatinas22)

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