Brad Marchand Returns From Suspension

Brad Marchand has finished serving his 5 game suspension and will return to the lineup tonight against the New York Rangers. Marchand received the suspension for an elbow to the head of Devils’ Marcus Johansson. during his suspension the Bruins kept their strong season going and went 4-1 with a slew of guys filling in for Marchand. Now that Marchand is back it’s a good time to address the kind of player he is.

Brad Marchand should NEVER change the way he plays hockey. Yeah he’s an asshole he plays with some real aggression and occasionally his emotions will get the best of him. That being said the type of game he plays is the reason he succeeds. He stands across from you at a faceoff and chirps you, when you go into a corner with him you get a little worried he might put the butt-end of his stick into your stomach. He’s a pest and him acting that way just might be the reason he has played so well in the NHL. It may have started as a gimmick so he could stay at the NHL level but over the years he gained more and more skill at the game. While he was improving he still did chippy bullshit plays. The reason his play style works is because it throws opponents off. When Marchand pulls some bullshit a lot of the times players want to get even. Players get concerned Marchand will do cheap shit to them and lose track of what is actually happening in the game. When trying to get even guys will step up and try to make a big hit and because Marchand has some impressive moves he just goes around you and now the Bruins have a 2 on 1.

I’m not saying that he should run around elbowing guys in the head or pulling a Burrows and knee someone in the back of the head (or bite someone’s finger) but he should maintain an edge. Either way his return to the Bruins lineup is great news, mainly because they lost  Vatrano last night due to injury. That likely means Czarnik will be staying around a bit longer. The Bruins are riding a 4 game win streak and they are cetainly a better team with Marchand rejoining one of the best lines in hockey.

The Bruins looks to keep rolling against the New York Rangers tonight in Madison Square Garden at 8:00. The game will be broadcast on NBCSN.

Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386 )

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