The Cavs Are Dead

I don’t care if it was only one game, I genuinely think that this Cavaliers team is dead after the absolute shit-pumping they took yesterday from Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics.

Will it end in a sweep? No…maybe? I’d love to see it, but there’s no way LeBron gets swept. With that said though, am I going to get my hopes up and lock the Celtics in as Eastern Conference Champs after one good game against The King? You bet your sweet ass I am. Want to know why? Because this Cavs team STINKS. OUT. LOUD.

LeBron has absolutely no help and it’s his own fault. He ran Kyrie out of town and forced his GM’s hand at the deadline to acquire all of that garbage (Clarkson, Hood, Nance). This is literally the worst team he has ever been on, and that’s saying a lot considering his starting shooting guard in the 2007 NBA Finals was Sasha Pavlovic. This team is complete garbage. The only reason they made it this far is because LeBron carried them on his back.

The stat line LeBron put up yesterday was a dream scenario for the C’s. Odds are he won’t have another garbage game like that, so I fully expect him to come out with a vengeance in game two. But he’s not facing the Pacers or the Raptors anymore. Brad Stevens is more than capable of figuring out a way to shut down everything else around him. And must we not forget about Jaylen Brown, who DOMINATED yesterday. He outplayed LeBron, plain and simple. If he keeps doing that, the sky is the limit for the Celtics.

I think that game yesterday crushed the spirits of every single Cavaliers player not named LeBron James. Not one of them looked like they wanted to see the Celtics again in two days. The C’s set the tone early in a big, big way. I’ll call my shot right now, if Boston can take game two, this series is over.  Celtics in five. I just have a hard time seeing the Cavs win four out of five games against this Celtics team. They’re rolling on all cylinders and proving everybody wrong (including me). But the green kool-aid is flowing through my veins right now and damn it feels GOOD.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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