The US Supreme Court Is Letting States Legalize Sports Betting


The United States Supreme Court made it possible to allow sports betting in all 50 states today.  The USSC decided to strike down a 1992 law that prohibited it.  The 6-3 rule favors sites like Draft Kings and FanDuel that have been battling lawsuits from the states for years now.  The NFL, NBA, and even the NCAA have come out and supported the Supreme Court’s ruling.  For now.

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Thank You…New Jersey?

Now that all 50 states can bet, Vegas is still the boss of all of this.  They’re still going to set the lines and odds that we all love to bet on.  Interestingly enough, New Jersey, the state that most of us despise, is the reason why this happened.  Back in 2011, New Jersey residents voted to legalize sports betting to help it’s failing casinos.  However; the Supreme Court kept referring to the 1992 ruling banning it in the states for the exception of Nevada.  So thank you New Jersey.

The Outcome

Almost every professional league in the United States has cautiously applauded the Supreme Court’s ruling.  MLB says it’ll have a “Profound effects” on this sports.  However; they also said, “We must protect the integrity of our game.”  But if people watch and bet on your sport then there is nothing to worry about!  Right guys?  The real issue here is the NCAA.  If betting on college sports is allowed, this lovely topic rears its ugly head again.  Should we pay college athletes now?  This is obviously a topic for another day but if it is now legal to bet on them, I think it’s time to look into reimbursing them with money.

There is still a lot to be worked out legally and how to regulate it.  Which it definitely needs.  But exciting times are ahead now for sports betting so happy sports betting!


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