The Boston Sports Championship Window in the Covid-19 Era

With sports coming back in the next few weeks it is time to start diving into the championship window for our beloved boston sports teams. In the era of covid-19 and eventually post covid-19 era is going to be weird to gage these windows and for some teams the window might close depending if seasons actually get completed or not.

First up is our beloved Redsox:

To be honest, this might be the easiest one out of the rest of the teams. I know they traded Mookie Betts back in February(Along with David Price) and Chris Sale is out until 2021. But given that the players can opt out of this season(David Price isn’t playing this season) and with a shortened season this year. Redsox won that trade…. I know…. I know …. I know. I can hear from my friends, cohost, and colleague “But Fiesta you said Redsox trading Mookie was horrible.. BLAHHHHHH”. 

Since Price isn’t playing the Redsox have additional 6.5 million add space from luxury tax and it’s looking like that Mookie will bolt from LA once this season is done, the Redsox got really lucky here. As for this season the Redsox will be interesting they might make the playoffs but it’s more about going forward. This upcoming offseason will be extremely important because they will have money to spend. Newsflash people when Redsox spend money and spend it smartly they usually do well and are always a story.

Next is the Big Bad Bruins:

If you know I’m a big hockey guy I bleed black and gold. The Bruins are interesting situation before the pandemic; they were probably going to a Eastern conference finals appearance/another stanley cup appearance, especially how last season ended this team felt like a team of destiny. But given pandemic and time off we don’t know how the bruins will look like they are an older team. While some they could be rested, others might say they could be rusty. Also we don’t when they get in the “bubble” that the “bubble” might pop because of rising covid case. My hope is that we see the Bruins win the cup. I have great fear that this could be like the 1994 Montreal Expos(look them up) and we may never know what would’ve come if there was no play stoppage.

The reason is after this season and beyond the Bruins have a lot of questions. The core of Bergeron, Chara, Marchand, and Rask is aging. Yes they have Pasta and McAvoy locked up long term. But other Bruins like Jake DeBrusk and Torey Krug need to get paid. Likely Bruins do have draft capital and cap space so they improvement the roster and maybe keep the team together for another season or two. But I have my faith in GM Don Sweeney, who I know still has lot fans pissed about the offseason of 2015 but get over it. Arguably he might be in the best GM in town. In Sweeney we trust!

Now the Rising Celtics:

The Celtics are in a very unique situation about their window; they have control and don’t have control. Yes Celtics have great ownership, Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens in the front office along with Rising superstars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the now and the future is very bright. Given those two, Kemba Walker, and Gordon Hayward along with Marcus Smart they might win all down in Orlando. Out of any of these teams the Celtics could have the longest window of championship success. But it depends on Jayson Tatum if he becomes top 10 or even top 5 player in the game. The Celtics are golden for years to come. They’ll be able to continue to attract very good players via free agency and trades. 

But a lot also depends on how the rest of the east looks in coming seasons also. Will Giannis leave? What will the 76ers do? Will KD return to form and carry the Nets? Will Miami have another huge free agency splash? 

If Giannis leaves the Bucks, 76ers have to take a step back and retool. The Nets don’t meet up to standards and along with the rising of star Tatum, the Celtics could have clear paths to the NBA finals for a few seasons going forward. But a lot has to go right for them. So realistically, this season could be the window for the Celtics to get Banner 18.

Finally the Patriots:

I won’t go in too much detail because you can check out My first article “The clock is ticking on Bill Belichick”. Plain and simple as long as Kraft family owns this team and Belichick is running the football ops we should give them benefit of the doubt especially in the post Brady but with the signing of Cam Newton and best secondary in football. It’s not out of line to think the Pats can be in the AFC Championship game and given the cap space next offseason which is close to 100 million(depends if a season happens). It is possible they could be Super Bowl contenders again. Especially if they loaded up the roster and find the long term answer at Quarterback will probably know very soon if the Patriots have a post championship window post Brady. Again “All eyes on Bill”.

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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