Number One Pick Myles Garrett Inks 5 Year/$125M deal with Cleveland


Myles Garrett had his 2019 NFL Season cut short on Thursday Night Football in November after he completely lost his cool. Garrett full out attacked Mason Rudolph of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He even went as far as using a helmet as a deadly weapon. For anyone whose played high school/collegiate football, you’re aware of how dangerous swinging a helmet at someone can be. The following day on November 15th, the NFL released a statement. The statement went on to say that Garrett would receive suspension for the rest of the season without pay.

In my opinion, he got off with a light penalty due to the actions he displayed on the field. Realistically, what almost happened to Mason Rudolph could’ve been bad. If Garrett landed the home run shot where he swung a helmet all the way across his body, Rudolph could’ve been seriously hurt. Myles is one of the best athletes in the NFL when it comes to overall size, speed, and athleticism. The 6’4 270 pound Garrett simply made one of the worst decisions of his career. He put himself in a position to seriously harm another player. This act of stupidity could have changed Rudolph’s life for much longer than the one night scuffle.

Contract Extension

As far as talent goes, Garrett is worth this major payday due to his success on the football field. However, this deal really goes to show how much power athletes have. Skills definitely pay the bills for the Pro Bowl Defensive End. If Garrett was a regular civilian on the street and attacked another man the way he did on Thursday Night Football this past November, the consequences would be much different. The star athlete would most likely have got in serious legal trouble from using the helmet as a weapon. But, here we are just eight months later. Myles Garrett is becoming the highest paid defensive player in the history of the league with $100 M guaranteed. Keep in mind that Garrett has not played a single snap since this incident occured. He will be worth every dollar if he is able to keep his emotions under control for the next five seasons.

Taking a Risk

The risk the Browns are taking guaranteeing Garrett $100 M over the next five years is astronomical. Giving this amount of money to a player who is one dirty hit or play away from maybe getting the boot out of the league. The Browns continue to make questionable decisions in the front office. Garrett has completely lived up to the hype of being the number one draft pick. However, one bad decision can change the outcome of a whole career. This is the first offseason for Cleveland in several years where there is no unnecessary hype. Big Ben is coming back from injury and looks ready to go. The Baltimore Ravens are coming off the best record in the NFL last year. I am interested to see how Garrett will bounce back from this terrible incident and try to gain the respect back of his peers across the league.

-Fred O’Brien (@FOBSportsNFL)


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