The Blue Jays Want to add Joey Gallo to their Already Dangerous Lineup

This year’s MLB Trade Deadline feels a lot like a fantasy baseball league trade deadline. Every contending team is connected to the biggest names in baseball who happen to be playing for terrible teams. Texas Rangers All-Star Joey Gallo has been a name that’s been connected to the Padres and Yankees. The Padres have a copious amount of really talented prospects within their system. But could the Blue Jays also be in on Joey Gallo? More to come on that…

They could easily offer the Rangers a package of players to get a Gallo deal done right now. The one name that keeps coming up in the Gallo trade talks is prospect Robert Hassell III. However, the Padres seem hesitant in dealing him. 

The “Contending” Yankees

You have to give the Yankees credit, the Red Sox just took three-of-four from them at Fenway Park this past weekend. Despite being 9.5 games out of first place in their division, Brian Cashman thinks his team is a contender. 

It really feels like the Yankees are that kid in school who is trying to be cool and relevant, people invite them around because the feel bad but in reality no one likes them. 

The point is, the Yankees really don’t need Gallo, here’s why, he cant pitch. New York needs starting pitching to go behind Gerrit Cole in order to try and stay in the Wild Card hunt. 

The Blue Jays Have Entered the Chat

Which now leads me to a third team who has entered the Gallo sweepstakes. The Toronto Blue Jays want to add his tremendous bat to their already dangerous lineup. 

Imagine the Jays sending a lineup out that features George Springer, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Bo Bichette, Marcus Semien and Teoscar Hernandez? 

My only problem with this for Toronto is that they too need starting pitching. However, I actually would love to see him in that stacked lineup. It would add more intrigue to such a good young team. 

The Blue Jays would be better off using their assets in acquiring pitching for both the rotation and the bullpen. Alex Verdugo exposed the Jays bullpen Monday night in the eight inning. His two-run home run was the game winner for Boston.


If you are a baseball fan, you love trade deadline rumors. I need them running through my veins. Some rumors though are just that, rumors.

Texas wants to get a deal done with Gallo to keep him in Arlington for years to come. If the Rangers feel he could be a flight risk, they should trade him this year and maximize his value while they have more contractual control over him.

It feels like Gallo will be moved, the Padres feel like the the leader in the clubhouse. If the Yankees swoop in and land Gallo, it would be such a Yankees thing to do. Potent lineup with no one to pitch after Cole.

This will be an exciting week for the league, especially if some big name players change zip codes by Friday.

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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