The Bachelorette Episode 9 Recap

Another dramatic week of The Bachelorette. The drama came pretty unexpectedly as the producers did a great job of editing the “Next week on The Bachelorette” promo for the show.

If you want, watch that, but then realize the episode basically doesn’t go at all like you think it will.

Before I saw too much let’s dive right into it all.

Goodbye To Our King, Bennett

On last week’s review where we were left with a cliffhanger of either Noah or Bennett getting sent home, I predicted that neither guy would survive the ordeal.

Some of the public has turned against Bennett, some like me have stayed by his side thick and thin. I love Bennett, he’s been my favorite guy on this show since day one, but even I saw the writing on the wall for my guy.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Tayshia called both Bennett and Noah into the principals office to try and figure out what all the drama between them was about.

Bennett doesn’t like Noah because he stirs the pot and is immature.

Noah doesn’t like Bennett because he is condescending and thinks he’s better than everyone else. (He went to Harvard, so yeah he kinda is).

Bennett gave Noah three gifts, a bandana to signify their chat about Noah growing up on a ranch in Oklahoma. Mustache socks, because Noah had a mustache and Bennett thought it was dumb. And a book about emotional intelligence to which Noah is apparently deficient in three of the four aspects of.

Tayshia pulls both men aside individually to talk things over privately before making her decision.

And the decision is to send Bennett home.

Bennett is completely shocked, he utterly can’t believe it, and Tayshia says how hard of a decision it was and that it doesn’t feel right…

Back inside, Noah downs an entire container of tic tacs in victory, assuming he’s about to french Tayshia.


He has a stupid grin on his face because he thinks that he won, and she says “Don’t be smiling like that, this is far from a victory for you.” And does not give him the rose yet.


I mean that’s all you need to know about Noah being a little punk. He gets Bennett sent home, I mean Tayshia has to break up with him, and she comes back to this little kid smirking about it. Grow up dude.

Also, the producers swung and missed badly at a slider in the dirt after being up in the count 3-0 when they picked Clare to be the first Bachelorette this season. But their next at bat they laid off the slider and waited for the down the middle fastball and knocked it out of the park with Tayshia.

Not only is she mature enough to nip this drama in the bud before it escalates but she comes back to the guy who thinks he won and is smirking about it and said “Wipe that stupid grin off your face, you aren’t in the clear.”

She’s a boss. Plain and simple.

Rose Ceremony

By the way, yeah there is a rose ceremony with only five roses left!

To save you the drama, Tayshia ends up giving the final rose to Noah. Pure producers drama there.

So we have to say good bye to Demar, Ed and Spencer.

Demar deserved better. He was an awesome guy, it just felt as though he never got a fair shake but hey maybe his quality time with Tayshia wasn’t very quality who knows, but I liked him.

Ed, no clue how he was still there honestly. I’m guessing for comedic relief? But we are getting serious now so sorry Ed.

And Spencer. I have to give him some credit. When the new guys showed up, he was the first one that seemed to be the new villain. He was cocky, and talked out of turn and place.

And that first episode he was put right in his place by the rest by the rest of the house. He acted like an alpha but quickly realized he was not here. He was like the little dog who’s bark is big but is in reality a small dog.

And he straightened up. Noah is obviously still barking, not understanding his place.

However, he got the first impression rose from Tayshia and did literally nothing else. The Ryan Leaf of The Bachelorette, easily.


So a real wake up call, apparently hometowns are coming up soon? This season is dramatic as hell and flying by.

For most of the guys they’re like “Oh wow crazy.”

But it hits Zac really hard. I mean this was literally his facial expression after they announced it.

All jokes aside, Zac is a survivor of addiction. And in his back story last week it was his Dad who reacted in such an understanding way after his son tried stealing money from him that snapped Zac out of it.

So as he explained that his parents are his heroes and for Tayshia to meet them makes it real, I can understand that. Without them who knows what becomes of him. Powerful stuff.

We Love You Ben

The only one on one date this episode belonged to Ben.

You may remember just a few short weeks ago Ben was on very thin ice. He waited till the last second of the cocktail party to ask Tayshia for time and she rejected him and said she was disappointed in him.

And then he made an impromptu, secret night time mission to visit Tayshia individually to save his chances of being on the show.

And despite what seems to be attraction they are both sort of still feeling each other out. But this one on one as they both said came at the perfect time.

So first they went on a scavenger hunt. Oooh, fun. No yawn, it was whatever. I get it, they’re stuck in a La Quinta there’s only so many activities one can do.

But the real heavy stuff comes during their dinner.

Ben truly opens up about his past. He is an Army Veteran and he had expected to be in the Army his whole life but that career path just didn’t work for him.

He broke his back and as he said it, he was 26 years old and could barely get up the stairs and he felt like a burden to everyone.

He then reveals to Tayshia that he has had two failed suicide attempts. Both being relatively close to the present in both 2018 and 2019. He says that he just simply felt like a burden to everyone and he saw that as his easiest way out from under that guilt.

But he also says the only reason he is still here is his sister. He says without her even knowing it, she has kept him alive today just from her being around and talking to him. Yet he’s never told her that.

Pretty dark stuff here from Ben in a season full of dark issues.

It’s tough to gauge Tayshia’s reaction. She reacts sort of hollow or at least not as much as you would expect about the news. But I mean that is also a lot being thrown at her when she didn’t truly expect it. So I give her a pass, I want to believe she truly cares, but that’s a lot to process in the moment.

Also, this is proof of just be nice to people. Everyone is going through something different. Ben’s sister saved his life without going the extra mile, she did it by literally just being a good sister. You don’t know what anyone else is going through.

I know in 2020 nothing good has happened and it’s easy to look at yourself and say woe is me. But for the majority of us, it could be worse. Sometimes just telling someone they are appreciated is enough.

Also, Ben, you are not a burden to anyone. No one is enough of a burden that they should feel that guilty to take their own life. You are loved. And for anyone else reading this feeling the way Ben is, you are not alone with that guilt and thoughts, but remember there are people who care about you in the deepest way possible.

If That is Your Real Name

For this week’s group date the guys have to take a lie detector test. And honestly saying it’s a lie detector test is almost giving polygraphs a bad name.

As you can see, it’s literally an iPad with a fake heartbeat monitor. And then three lights with green representing, yes they’re telling the truth, yellow means it’s iffy, and red is a lie.

It’s a joke is what I am saying to create drama.

Sort of I guess because oddly enough the makeshift lie detector test that looks like it was an app for the iPhone 2, did get somebody to spill a deep dark secret.

So they ask Riley to say his name to establish his baseline, which he says but the light comes up red. And everyone is like huh? What the?

Well funny thing is it turns out his name isn’t Riley, it’s Dwayne.

He was named after his Dad. And as Riley tells the story, he had a great childhood with his father. But eventually things went south and they had a falling out. And it got so bad that he felt the only way to move past it was to shed his fathers name and give himself a completely new name in Riley.


This season has been all about finding the most damaged guys possible. Their resumes read like the NFL Draft ones did earlier this year where ESPN put anything horrific they could into the guys profile on what’s suppose to be the happiest day of his life.

“He has quick hands and athleticism, but he has to be more consistent in stopping the run but I think he could be a perfect fit for the Buffalo Bills. Also his father passed away when he was at very young age when he was on the first Death Star when Luke Skywalker and the rebels blew it up. His step father who taught him how to play football passed away on the second Death Star, and his dog was run over by a car this morning.”

Totally unrelated but what in the holy hell is this tweet? I saw this surfing around as I write this blog. I am so confused. No one attacked Riley for changing his name, it’s just a joke that he did it at all. Are we not allowed to be shocked when someone is like,

“Hey my name is actually not this at all.” We’re suppose to just be like “Okay, I respect you for that decision and in no way am I surprised, in fact my real name is Turquoise, thank you for asking.”

And what does being straight have to do with anything here?

In 2020 anything can offend anyone. You say the sky is blue and all of a sudden there are offended people yelling at you about being insensitive to people who live in Seattle where it’s always rainy.

Also what is Bachelor Nation Astrology? Who thought this was worth the effort of typing in and remembering a user name and password let alone composing some tweets? I hope they see this blog, and read this section.

You know what, I might just tag them to this blog on twitter. I would love to get roasted by an attempting to be serious astrology account that follows a reality TV show.

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Also during the lie detector portion we learned that Zac has cheated before.

Later when Tayshia brings it up to him he explains the story in harrowing detail, how he was in love, but met this girl at a bowling alley and they kissed.


Tayshia laughs it off, like ohhhhh you had me going for a second.

But I wonder if he said that on the date, thinking honesty was the best policy, only to see Tayshia’s reaction which was not a good one. And then devise a “ohhhh it was in sixth grade so it doesn’t count” story.

I hope he’s telling the truth because it is sort of a sixth grade story.

Kissing Megan at the bowling alley when you’re already engaged via ring pop to Stacey. The drama that must have created!

I want to read the note she passed to Zac in class that Monday

“Did you cheat on me? Yes/No”

“Do you still love me? Yes/No”

And what was her AIM or MSN away message after that ordeal?

“Don’t trust a guy who likes to go bowling.”

I’m Baaaaaaaack

After the group date we innocently follow Tayshia back to her villa. She opens the gate only to find someone standing in the shadows…


Thought we were done with Bennett? HELL NO.

I literally yelled BENNETT!!! When this happened as my wife (who doesn’t like him) put her head in her hands.

This is the type of drama that I feel bad for the people who don’t watch this show.

So Bennett comes back and tells Tayshia he’s sorry for making her feel as though he doesn’t respect her decisions. Since he made the comment there is a 0% chance Noah would end up with her, sort of pissed off Tayshia thinking Bennett didn’t think she was smart enough to figure things out on her own.

Some people say him coming back confirms that suspicion since he obviously doesn’t agree with her decision to kick him off. But she said at the time that kicking him out didn’t feel right. And during the lie detector portion she said she regretted kicking some guys off.

So this feels more like the producers pulling strings than Bennett.

Although it also raises the question. Where the hell does that black SUV take these guys when they get booted? I always assumed straight to the airport or to the Holiday Inn next to the airport with an 8 AM wake up call.

Apparently Bennett’s did a few laps around the La Quinta and then dropped him off at Tayshia’s villa.

They talk, Tayshia says she needs time to make this decision and Bennett says he understands.

He also drops the L word on her, saying that he loves her. Which sort of felt out of place and forced for a guy who seems sort of reserved. Feels like a heavy card to play in that spot.

But I’ll save you the suspense again. She keeps Bennett around. At least according to next week’s trailer.

Next Week

Oh my god, so much going on next week.


First, Bennett is BACK. I hope Noah is wearing the mustache socks and Bennett asks for them and his gifts back in front of everyone.

And it seems like everyone gets pushed to a breaking point. Lots of tears apparently.

Also also, the other one on one date this week is suppose to be Blake. Although he self describes himself as “hanging on by a thread” with Tayshia after the rose ceremony. So I would not be shocked if it was a one on one date that ended with Blake getting sent home.

And then there is already a Tell All. I’m guessing they kept the men around after getting kicked off for the tell all rather than quarantining them again. Yosef is back, that piece of trash. Jason and his demons are back as well. And apparently the tell all is the guys who have been kicked off the show, so why is Noah there? Hmmmmm.

Next week, as always I’ll have it all right here for you.

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit/@YourFantasy_CGS)

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