The Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap

Drama, demons, nudity a gut wrenching break-up and no Chris Harrison pretty much sums up this week on the Bachelorette.

Don’t worry we will get to all of this.

I feel like I could have said this for every week of the Bachelorette minus the “no Chris Harrison” part, because honestly, he is carrying this season.

After a lighthearted sort of fun episode last week that featured Ed on a date with Mr. Harrison. This week it gets darker and more dramatic.

We can talk about Grand Admiral Thrawn still being alive and how Baby Yoda’s real name is actually Grogu later, right now let’s focus on “finding love.”

Off to College

So the next couple of episodes will be sans Chris Harrison. He walked into the house to tell the guys that he is going to take his son to college and will therefore not be around for a week.

A couple of thoughts on this real quick.

First, that sucks for Ed, he and Chris had some real good bonding time last episode at 2:30 in the morning.

Second, aren’t we in a pandemic? Who is actually bringing their kids back to school? Where does his son go to school Notre Dame?

Third, that sucks. Chris Harrison has been carrying this season with his subtle comedic abilities.

He elegantly handled the Clare situation where he was able to tell a crazy person, they were being crazy in a supportive way. I wouldn’t have the ability to do that, at some point I would just scream at them “YOU’RE BEING CRAZY!” Which I know doesn’t help. But I can’t help myself.

And then between eating crab legs and autographing asses and spending quality one on one time with Ed. Chris Harrison has been this messed up seasons MVP.

He will be missed.

Real Demons

So a quick change in the dates this week. Two one on one dates, and one big group date.

The first one on one goes to Zac C. I don’t think there is another Zac on the show so can we drop the extra C? No? Keeping it on there? Okay.

The first part of this is meh.

Honestly I was dealing with a broken cork in our champagne bottle so I didn’t watch this part much but I don’t think I missed anything.

Instead here is what I will tell you. If you have a broken cork in your unopened champagne bottle, use a corkscrew it’s fine.

I looked up the safe and correct way to do it, I mean a cork in a champagne bottle can be a dangerous projectile if you are not careful. But I used my corkscrew with double levers, popped it right out, no fuss.

There a small life lesson for you instead of whatever Tayshia and Zac C. did on their date because it honestly did not matter.


Dinner during the date did totally matter.

Holy Crap, this guy has some legit demons.

Jason on his date with Clare said he had demons. Yeah sure okay dude, this guy was addicted to hardcore drugs and alcohol and stealing money from his parents. But yeah you have demons because you don’t like to open up emotionally.

Like when someone says that they have a troubled past and have demons, I expect this sort of story.

Basically in his early 20’s Zac C. found out he had a brain tumor and began to take pain medication. He began to get addicted to those, as well as alcohol which led down a slippery slope. Until he had some sort of epiphany when he was trying to use his Dad’s checks to steal money and his family sent him to rehab.

Which my wife 100% predicted by the way. Zac C. is an addiction specialist by trade now. She said when his lower third name graphic first popped up during the episode that she thinks he was a former addict, who got clean and now helps other addicts.

Also wild side note, Zac C. has also been married. But she left him when he began to turn to drugs and alcohol.

The producers really went out and tried to find the people with the most broken back stories, and if you have been married/engaged before you were automatically on the show.

But Tayshia appreciated Zac C. opening up, you could see the look on her face during the story she was even surprised by how dark it got.

She tries to categorize it by saying it’s been quite a ride to which Zac C. responds with

“The best ride!”

Uhhhhhhh no pal. Of all of the rides I have heard of the one you were on was certainly one of them. But it was very, very far from the best one.

I’m sure he looks at it and appreciates how far he has come from that lowest of lows but that does not make it the best ride, sorry.

Zac C. gets a rose.

One more thing about Zac C. I think he’s the one who said something this episode about being in a “nation wide pandemic.”

If you say we are in a pandemic, then you have already covered that it has spread nationwide. Pandemic means the entire world.

I know, small grammatical point to make but it’s something that has bugged me during this “nationwide pandemic.” You can just say pandemic, it covers everything.

Okay, rant over.

Group Date Drama

So the group date was at like an art studio with two naked people posing to be painted.

I know I’ve said it before, but god damn this season is horny as hell.

Anyways, the art isn’t what’s really important in this group date. It’s the underlying Noah and Bennett drama that is still bubbling over from the week before.

When they go to sit down in their seats, young Noah tries to sit next to Tayshia, to which my man Bennett tells him that’s my seat.

House of Cards use to be so good…

But anyways, young Noah pushes back for a moment asking Bennett if he’s messing with him. Bennett says no he’s serious and young Noah then gets kicked to the corner of the room.

A master class of manipulation by Bennett honestly. It should be studied by politicians and sales men alike. These are skills that can only be taught by going to Harvard.

Noah: Are you messing with me?

Bennett: No

Noah: Okay, I don’t like it, but I believe you.

So the guys have to draw the naked people. And with them being guys you can imagine how that went.

Next they had to blindfold themselves and carve clay sculptures that represent them and Tayshia.

A few things with this one, Bennett stole a make out session with Tayshia while everyone was blindfolded. To which my wife said “He just thinks he’s so much better than everyone else.” And I responded with “Well yeah, he went to Harvard…”

Bennett made like a map detailing the three-four houses across the country if he and Tayshia would have if they got married.

Young Noah takes exception to this. He complains about how Bennett is just showing off that he has money.

To which I say, uhhhhhhh yeah? And your problem with that is what?

I mean if you got it, flaunt it.

Arianna Grande sang an entire song about how she has more money than you.

Chris Brown claimed “I get what you get in 10 years in 2 days.” And I bet you yelled that line at the top of your lungs during your college parties because I know I did.

And don’t try and tell me Noah that if you were affluent you wouldn’t be bragging to Tayshia about it. So stop, the only people who complain about other people bragging about their wealth are the ones who are jealous.

He does throw some shade at Bennett saying something about how do you spell privilege.

Oh and Blake using his clay makes a male appendage. To which we learn from the other guys that Blake is THAT GUY where 90% of what he talks about or references is about sex.

We all know “that guy” and I for one am not a fan of them. It gets old really quick. Everyone likes sex alright dude get over it.

The final part of the date is for the men to create a self portrait of themselves. To which Tayshia is looking for the guys to open up about their insecurities.

I’m beginning to wonder if like Peter on last season’s Bachelor where if a girl cried he was more into her. Or with Clare if your name happened to be Dale Moss she was super into you. If Tayshia’s thing is the more broken you are, the better.

Which surprisingly, for the group date the guys got very, very real. But the main part of the opening up section was Ben.

Remember Ben, he awkwardly got shut down after waiting to be the last guy to talk to Tayshia on a group date. He then went to visit her in the middle of the night before the rose ceremony to make up for that.

And for his self portrait he couldn’t really put into art what he was feeling.

So obviously he did the next best thing for this season. Get naked.

The Bachelorette 2020, when in doubt, strip.

I suppose that is a way to be vulnerable? Though also when you’re sculpted like an Adonis it’s a good go to move.

Luckily for me I’ve never had that issue. I actually have to talk out my feelings rather than take off my shirt.

The funniest part about this wasn’t even Ben getting naked it was Tayshia’s reaction right after he did. Which was that she ran away and cried.

I mean can you imagine, you get naked for the first time in front of a girl you are dating and her first instinct is to cry. How do you even react to that?

She says it’s because all of the guys opened up to her so much she was overwhelmed. But still if you are Ben you have to be standing there, family jewels in hand, thinking “what the hell?”

Cocktail Party Drama

So we go to the cocktail party. No interesting discussions from what I remember but it sets things up for later.

Bennett again brings up that the last rose ceremony was cut short because of young Noah. To which young Noah fires back with enough is enough.

He says he doesn’t appreciate how Bennett says that he has a 0.0% chance of ending up with Tayshia. How Bennett is condescending towards him especially by calling him young Noah. To which Bennett reminds him, isn’t exactly an insult as much as it is a fact.

But Tayshia has definitely caught wind of all of this and at the end of the night gives the rose to Ben for whipping it out. And says she is going to get to the bottom of the Bennett/young Noah drama.

To which Bennett says he is surprised there is even tension.

I stick up for Bennett as much as I can, and since day one but come on my man, you had to know there was tension and drama. Don’t try and play coy here.

Like I said it sets things up down the road.

Not So Eazy

The second one on one date of the episode was with Eazy. And for this date they get a ghost tour.

Lemme just say, if I was on the show and this was my date. Nope sorry, done. Sorry about it, but reality TV fame is not worth getting possessed. I’ve seen Paranormal Activity I know how these things work, I am out.

I’m also terrified of anything remotely scary. I’m a huge baby, I will gladly admit that.

But as expected they have a great time! Eazy is one of the most likable people in the house. He does things the right way, doesn’t create drama and always has the best reactions to everything.

So it was fun to see him on a one on one date and usually that means that the Bachelorette likes you.

But unfortunately as Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast my friend.”

At dinner, Eazy goes into this long explanation about how he likes Tayshia, and thinks he is starting to fall for her.

Only for her to respond with, thanks but no.

She dumps him and Eazy’s journey on the show is finished.

This was completely out of left field, my wife gasped when it happened. It was the biggest plot twist of the season. He was absolutely perfect but he got sent him.

Obviously the internet is in flames over Eazy getting dumped.

The most heartbreaking moment was as Tayshia is escorting Eazy to the car he asks her, “Tayshia, is this real?”

That is a grown man getting his heart broken when he asks “wait is this real?” Especially someone as fun and easy going as well Eazy.

That was a soul ripping moment for me. I mean that was like George telling Lenny to think of the rabbits at the end of Mice and Men.

However, I am going to be like Tayshia and zig when everyone zags.

Everyone is upset at her sending Eazy home but I actually appreciate her reasoning of what she did.

I think she knew deep down that she was not fully attracted or all into Eazy. That he makes a great friend to have and be around, but not exactly what she wants in a husband.

She told him that she wanted to do it this way so that she could explain the circumstances to him. Rather than leave him on the chopping block at a random rose ceremony with no explanation as to why, just simply a hug goodbye.

I 100% respect that. That took courage from Tayshia. It’s not an easy thing to do, to go into that dinner knowing full well you’re about to break someone’s heart. Not only that but someone that she obviously clearly respected in Eazy.

Remember, Tayshia has already been married, she knows what she is looking for. And while Eazy might be a fun guy to have a beer with, he just wasn’t what she is looking for in a husband. No shame in that, he is still great guy.

This was the equivalent to a senior on a basketball team getting pulled from a game with a couple of minutes left to play. Let him hug his teammates, his coach, kiss the logo at mid court and get the round of applause from the crowd. He’s earned that much.

It sucks, but in the end I think Tayshia did the right thing.

On The Third Day of Christmas, Bennett Gave to Me

A rose ceremony is imminent. Yet there is drama still in the house between Bennett and young Noah.

So Tayshia wants to meet with them both before the ceremony itself. There will be one rose there so one man stays, the other will be sent home.

Going into the confrontation, Bennett is confident. He feels as though he will thrive in the situation. He claims that he “crushes life under pressure.”

Young Noah is also sort of confident, he think Bennett is being a bully and that Tayshia will pick him.

So that brings us to the two guys meeting before Tayshia shows up.

Bennett gives young Noah a box with three gifts inside of it. As Bennett puts it, they are gentlemanly gifts.

First is a red bandana. Since young Noah is from Oklahoma and I guess lives on a ranch and Bennett says something about his own cowboy days? When and what in the hell were those? It’s also red to symbolize that there no bad blood between them.

Second is a pair of socks with mustaches on them. This is a jab at Noah who use to sport a mustache. Bennett tells him that the only place a mustache should be worn is on your feet. Not so gentlemanly if you ask me. This was taking a shot at young Noah’s grooming and lifestyle choices.

The third and final gift is a book about emotional intelligence. To which Bennett says he thinks young Noah is deficient in three of the four components.

Young Noah thinks the gifts are a farce and thinks Bennett is still trying to lecture and talk down to him. Bennett on the other hand believes he is trying to help young Noah.

Again I am a fan of Bennett, since day one and still am. I don’t like young Noah. He is immature, he does talk about other people with Tayshia and ruins things for the group.

The issue here is that I doubt anyone has told young Noah in his life that he is wrong until Bennett here. And young Noah doesn’t like to be lectured to.

We’ve all met these people, life comes easy for them, they believe they are right in every situation they come across, and the moment someone pushes back it’s a drama storm.

Bennett has certainly stirred the pot himself, and perhaps his ego can’t see past the fact that young Noah doesn’t care to be lectured. Sometimes no matter how much sense you make, how much you try to help, some people don’t want it. And that is young Noah here.

Personally if someone who is as accomplished as Bennett tells me I have things to work on in a sincere way I would probably listen.

But maybe on a nationally televised, reality TV show, that’s not the best place to do it. It doesn’t come across as super sincere. And like I said some people just refuse the help.

You’re also I’m sure on this sort of show dealing with a plenty of ego’s. All of these guys are obviously attractive. And I’m sure have been told that they are perfect and beautiful at a young age. They have tons of followers and girls sliding into their DM’s.

So for another basically stranger to tell them that they are not up to par I’m sure is a shock that is not very welcoming.

Again, I have the luxury of not having to deal with this issue myself. My wife tells me I am handsome and that is plenty for me. But at the same time when she tells me there are things I could work on, I try and listen.

Like when she says if I have the time to take out the garbage, that doesn’t mean do it in 15 minutes, she means right now. I’m still a work in progress.

Now with all this being said, Bennett has caught plenty of heat from Bachelor Nation.

I already said it, but I am a Bennett stan.

What did all of you expect from a guy who dropped that he was from Harvard in the first 10 seconds of introducing himself to the show? You all knew what he was.

Which brings us to Tayshia. She comes in and tries to settle everything out before her decision.

It basically goes nowhere. She asks young Noah what’s wrong, young Noah tries to explain the reasons but one can’t get the quotes correct and can’t remember exact instances of what he’s trying to refer to. Young Noah is not the best and brightest.

Bennett tries again to say he had no knowledge of any lingering drama or tension, which does not play well with Tayshia because she then feels as though her authority is not being taken seriously. If she says there is tension, there is tension, she doesn’t care to hear Bennett try and explain it away.

And then the episode ends with her asking “What’s in the box?”

It looks like Bennett stalls, as if he has an “Oh crap” moment, and then we are hit with the “to be continued”

To Be Continued?

So the episode ends with the box about to be explained to Tayshia, and Bennett looking like he’s just dropped the Thanksgiving Turkey out of the oven in a sit com.

I am not so sure about this however. The producers are masters at editing. And I am sure for a week they want you thinking, “ohhhhhh boy Bennett is in some hot water.”

Only for the episode to open next week with Bennett calmly explaining all of the gifts to young Noah and Tayshia thinking it was a nice gesture.

I mean young Noah challenged Bennett to say those things to her in person and he was confident that he would.

Also Bennett is not dumb enough to bring a box of gag gifts to the meeting without anticipating Tayshia asking him about them.

However, my prediction out of this meeting. Both guys get sent home. It sucks, because I am a big fan of Bennett but I think both of them get sent packing.

Neither one is really taking up real estate in Tayshia’s feels right now, both are pretty expendable and I am sure in her mind the best way to settle the drama is to just clean house all together.

The show also made a point to remind you that there is a rose there and one man is staying and one man is going home. Which is a classic mis lead to Tayshia saying screw it, you’re both gone. And we are suppose to be left shocked.

Episode Winner: Ben

Ben wins this weeks episode. He stripped naked, for like the fifth time this season.

And he got a rose out of it. For a guy who was very much on the chopping block last week prior to the rose ceremony he has firmly entrenched himself into the upper echelon of the power rankings for the winners.

Episode Loser: Eazy (and us)

Easy loser to pick here. Poor Eazy got his heart crushed into little bite sized pieces.

We will miss out on Eazy’s charm and charisma week to week, he was a blast to have on the show. Best of luck on Bachelor in Paradise my man.

Next Week

Classic television show arc here. This week have all the guys open up and be vulnerable about themselves.

Next week reveal that they are monsters.

Apparently Zac C. has more demons than we thought he already had. And Riley has some sort of big secret that he has to explain.

Though I wonder how big that secret is. The Bachelorette crew are master editors to where we think he is going to confess to currently being married and is cheating on his wife on national television, yet in the end it will turn out to be that he is allergic to birthday cake.

Either way should be interesting. See you all then.

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