Terry Rozier: Boston Celtics 2019-2020 Starting Point Guard

You probably tuned into this because of the ridiculous title of this article, but it may become a reality. Rozier got a lot of flack for his quote once the Celtics season ended. Claiming he “sacrificed the most out of anybody”, may have given off a bad vibe from Scary Terry. He even continued this by going on First Take and calling out Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward by name. In other words, Celtics fans aren’t too happy with Terry right now. Unfortunately, Celtics fans might have to get used to seeing a whole lot more of Terry next season.

Why Terry Will Start

Regarding this previous season, Kyrie Irving was the best player on Boston and played the same position as Rozier. Doing simple math there would show that Terry Rozier should not be starting over Kyrie Irving. Luckily (for Rozier), it seems that Kyrie is going to leave the Celtics and either join a team in New York or LA. The Celtics don’t have the money to sign a marquee point guard even with Irving leaving so Boston may get stuck with Terry. This sounds rough if you’re a Boston, but just think back to the times he had to start. Also, the Celtics have the 14th, 20th and 22nd pick in the upcoming draft. This draft isn’t guard heavy, unfortunately, meaning they won’t get a replacement starter there. Boston is probably gonna have to buck up and pay Rozier to be the top ballhandler for next season.

How It Will Work

The drop-off from Kyrie to Scary Terry will surely be noticed. What you notice may not be negative, however. 1 on 1 you clearly pick Kyrie every time. The NBA isn’t played like that thankfully. This past season, the Celtics seemed obviously timid each time they were on the court with their star point guard. This timidity made the guys play tighter and never have the confidence to take over games. On the other hand, the guys played the lights out any time Kyrie was inactive. I’m under the impression that the guys will buy-in to the team and goal far more without the ball dominant star in Kyrie. The Celtics will need to bulk up their guard depth and either draft or sign a point guard on the low to be Terry’s backup. Isaiah Thomas!!

Most Likely Outcome

With Terry wildin’ out on national media calling teammates out, it may be hard for the Celtics fanbase to get behind him. Fortunately, all of his current BS will be forgotten if he can come out and ball come next October. I personally think Kyrie is gone. With that said, the Celtics may not want Terry necessarily, but he will more than likely be the best option. I can see the Celtics signing Rozier and then signing a Shane Larkin type point guard to be his backup. Brad Wanamaker showed a great ability to play as well, so hopefully, the C’s retain him.

-Brandon Black


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