Safe to Say Chris Sale Finally Looks Like Himself

The 2019 season started off terribly for Boston Red Sox starter Chris Sale. In his first four starts of the year the all-star pitcher went 0-4 with a 8.50 ERA, allowing opponents to hit .311 off of him. For a guy that has finished top five in the Cy Young Award voting in all of the past six seasons, those numbers are jaw dropping. But fortunately for Red Sox fans, it appears Chris Sale is back to being Chris Sale.

Despite losing 5-4 in extra innings last night, the Red Sox got a brilliant performance from the 30-year-old lefty. Sale managed to go 7 innings, giving up only two runs, all while striking out 17 Colorado Rockies. Yes, you read that right. 17 batters. This performance comes after his last outing against the Baltimore Orioles where he was arguably more impressive by going 8 innings and striking out 14.

Including last night’s start, Sale has been masterful over his last five appearances. Instead of hitting .311 like they did in the first four, batters have only been able to muster a combined .157 average. Sale has also managed to strike out hitters at an unreal pace, getting them to K 59 times in just 33 innings. That is good for a little more than 16 strikeouts per 9 innings for him.

So after starting the year in a rough way, it looks like Chris Sale is all the way back. He has helped the Sox go on this little run in which they find their record at 22-20 after starting the year 6-13. With Sale pitching this way, baseball needs to worry about the Boston Red Sox once again.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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