Sports Video Games that need a Reboot

The early 2000s brought us some of the best sports video games. We had classics like Backyard Baseball, NHL Hits,

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BREAKING NEWS: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Remakes are Coming to Switch

Sinnoh. Remakes. Confirmed.#PokemonBrilliantDiamond#PokemonShiningPearl pic.twitter.com/z0JIgXyh4x — Pokémon (@Pokemon) February 26, 2021 I don’t care who knows it, I am a Pokémon

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NCAA Football BACK?! EA Sports College Football Video Game Announced

Today, via Twitter, EA Sports announced MAJOR news for College Football fans. For those who never stopped believing…#EASPORTSCollegeFootball pic.twitter.com/2vDUYnbXEJ —

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