Top 5 NFL Video Games of all time

We all love video games. Battle Royale, story mode, sports, you name it! It’s safe to say a lot of people also love football. See where I’m getting at? With that said, I went into the world of football video games. So let’s debate the top 5 NFL video games of all time!

5: Madden ‘98

Coming in at the five spot is Madden 98! The cover of this game is iconic because John Madden is on it. Growing up this was the first game I really ever played! I remember playing Madden 98 on my PS1 with my cousins all the time! This game was the start of Madden’s popularity, which is now the best NFL video game to date!

4: NFL GameDay ‘98

Any gamer, like myself, who grew up a Playstation guy has played this game! I remember playing this game on the PS1 and thinking to myself, “Wow I love this game and the graphics are sick!” This was the first game to introduce 3D polygonal athletics and has a very in depth franchise mode.

3: Blitz THE LEAGUE 

Coming in at the 3 spot is one of my all time favorites Blitz the league! This game has it all and I remember playing with this for hours! Blitz THE LEAGUE is wild and has zero rules to it! You can do everything from late hits in this game to wild spins!

All I remember about this game is the no rules AKA players can: use steroids, perform wild touchdown plays, and the game itself is violent football by nature. They would not be allowed to make a football game like this in today’s times. This game is an all time classic and now, after writing this, I need to get my hands on this game again!! See the video below for a great in- site on blitz football game when they started and what the game was all about.

2: NFL Street

Next up, coming in at the two spot is NFL Street! This game was an instant classic and hit for NFL fans! First thing I think of with this game is the monster blown up picture of the boy, Ricky Williams! This game is a classic and fun to play. I always remember drafting fun teams and playing with friends or versing the computer! They really should think about making a remake of this game. I truly believe the sales would be off the charts if a new version was released! Again after writing this article I need my hands on this game and need to play it ASAP!

1: Madden ‘04

Saving the best for last I have Madden ‘04 at number 1! First thing that comes to mind is, the cover of athlete Michael Vick! Vick was a star for the Falcons and a super star of the NFL at the time! I had his cleats playing Pop Warner football. I was pumped when he made the cover!

Playing with Vick in this game is elite. He is so fast, has cannon for an arm, and is all in all electric to play with! Marshall Faulk, Terrell Owens, Ray Lewis, Jason Sehorn, Priest Holmes, and Ricky Williams are just a couple names that come to mind from playing this game! Lastly, the arcade mode in this game was my favorite thing to play! I used to love playing the minicamp mode. They were always so fun and addicting to play by yourself and/or with friends! The minicamp mode was the best and I really hope Madden can bring those back one day soon!

In Conclusion

There’s my top 5 NFL video games list. What’s yours? Feel free to tweet them at me and let the debate begin!

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-Chris Addorisio (@)Addorisio19

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