My Top 3 Favorite Patriots Super Bowl Appearances

There is no doubt the Patriots have been the most successful franchise in football over the past 2 decades. With

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WATCH: Eagles Fans Ran The Philly Special For Their Gender Reveal And I Can’t Be Mad

There are some things in life that can rattle your cage a bit. When you’re a big-time sports fan, having

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There Will Be No Super Bowl Celebration at the White House This Year

For the first time since 2004, the NFL team who won the Super Bowl will not be visiting the President

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Turns Out Tom Brady Actually Did Almost Miss The AFC Championship

FINALLY. A little over a month after the Super Bowl and we’re finally given the gift that is Tom vs

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Lane Johnson vs. The Pats Is A Stupid Feud, But Exactly What The NFL Needs

With the NFL entering their offseason, it looks like they may follow in the awesome footsteps of the NBA and

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