WATCH: Eagles Fans Ran The Philly Special For Their Gender Reveal And I Can’t Be Mad

There are some things in life that can rattle your cage a bit. When you’re a big-time sports fan, having the relive your past losses can be earth-shattering. To this day I still can’t hear about the way the Bruins dumped the Stanley Cup Finals all over their faces like a pile of feces.

But–And I know this is going to piss off a lot of football fans–being a Patriots fan, it is so hard to give a damn about losing last year’s Super Bowl to the Eagles.

Like, yeah, I thought Tom Brady was going to march downfield and score on that drive where he was strip-sacked, but then I remember that they completed one of the greatest comebacks in sports history the year before and hey, they’ll probably be back int he Super Bowl this year too.

But this gender reveal below is all-time. If you don’t remember the Philly Special that was run against the Patriots and called by Nick Foles, then here it is.

If that clip didn’t play, which I guarantee it didn’t, just YouTube the play like the go-getter that you are.

Was the guy lined up incorrectly and should there have been a penalty call? Sure, but who am I to try and justify that? Should that catch in the back of the end zone have been overturned and called the way it had been all season? Well yeah but that’s here nor there.

But this couple running the Philly Special to learn if they’re having a boy or a girl is as solid as it gets. Philly fans are such trash bags but I’m here for this and I appreciate you for this.

Now if you’re going to name her after a player on the team, I recommend LeGarrette or Blount.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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