Turns Out Tom Brady Actually Did Almost Miss The AFC Championship

FINALLY. A little over a month after the Super Bowl and we’re finally given the gift that is Tom vs Time part 6. The Super Bowl aftermath.

Honestly this entire series has been mind boggling. Not because it would challenge me intellectually in anyway because come on, why would I want that? But it blew my mind just to see Tom Brady act like an ordinary human being.

I’ve been a Patriots fan since the early 2000s. You know, when they started winning. It’s not my fault that I gained a cognizant memory just as the Patriots dynasty was gearing up with a spry Tom Brady. I had no choice of when I was born or where I grew up. I was just lucky enough to be born in Massachusetts. Respect it. We started a revolutionary war and won that ish. And guess what? Now we’re a country thanks to the original Patriots.

But anyway I’ve been a Patriots fan for so long that it’s almost like I forgot that Tom Brady is human. He’s just so stoic at the mic during pressers that I forget that he has legitimate feeling.

Roll it on back though to days before the AFC Championship game. News breaks that Tom Brady allegedly cut his thumb on the helmet of a teammate who was later later named, Rex Burkhead. Just an accident, yeah, but can you imagine the anxiety that Burkhead was feeling? YEESH.

Boom, we have the hottest topic in the country. Is Tom Brady going to be able to play in the AFC Championship game? And people like me who feel like they know Tom Brady immediately fell back into a war of wits on Twitter telling the world that Tommy’s playing. He’s a warrior who isn’t going to miss the AFC Championship game because of a measly cut. Are you kidding me? Who do you think he is?

Next thing you know the Patriots hysteria is getting to everyone in the media. “Why is Tom wearing that glove?” “It’s a hoax, eh?” “They’re just trying to make the Jaguars think that Tom’s hurt! Garh those Patriots!”

You heard it all. But then, but THEN, Brady plays in the game and leads the team back in a miraculous comeback that I got to watch live. It was magical.

And just mere days before, Brady thought that he could actually miss the game. He said it today in Tom vs Time. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to play because it was that bad. His thumb bent back and it split wide open like a mini Moses parting the Red Sea of Blood.

Insane that he was able to play after that. I dry heaved the moment that appeared on my screen. It was disgusting but Tom Brady is a Godsend and will play through anything you throw at him. He’s bigger than a God. There I said it and I truly believe it. He can do whatever he wants. The Greek God’s look to him for answers in legends so unbelievable that they could only be read as myth. That’s just a fact.

What a cut. Definitely not for the faint of heart but maybe I should have put this little disclaimer at the top of the blog.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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