Patrick Mahomes MVP Stock Rises

Recent Performances Through the first six weeks of the NFL Season every analyst in the league had Russell Wilson as

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It’s Time To Get On The Cam Newton Train

It’s time for everyone to hope on the hype train. Cam Newton, more and more, looks like the man in

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Mike Trout Isn’t Even the Best Player in His Division

There’s been a near consensus in baseball about Mike Trout for a few years now. Since Mike’s AL MVP debates

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Tremont Waters Wins G League Rookie of the Year

Look at this king. Tremont Waters had an impressive rookie season, with his new title as @nbagleague Rookie of the

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Historical Revisions: MLB’s 1998 NL MVP: Mark McGwire vs. Sammy Sosa

Historical Revisions: MLB’s 1998 NL MVP So many sports have wild award histories. Some are glorious foreshadowing to a blossoming

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