2021 MLB MVP Predictions

The MLB season is two days away and we have the last big time award to talk about. That award would be the MVP award for both the American and National League. This year for both leagues it doesn’t look like we have a clear cut favorite going into the season for the MVP award. You could make the case of course for anybody in each league. We will go over the names to watch out for. With that being said here are my 2021 MLB MVP Predictions.


American League: 

Mike Trout

Trout has been in every AL MVP conversation since the 2014 season. He is the best player in the world, but he hasn’t had team success in his MLB career. Trout has only made the playoffs once in his ten year MLB career. Which is an insane stat in itself. He is the best player, he has three MVP awards, and yet he has yet to have success in the playoffs. This year though we will see Trout’s first full season as a father.

Mike Trout and his wife had their first son in the middle of the year last year. Will fatherhood be better for Trout than it has been for the past ten years? We will have to wait and find out.


Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez is the guy in Cleveland this year offensively. Ramirez has finished in the top three of MVP voting in the AL in three out of the last four seasons. He is a name that really needs to be looked at this season. I could see this being the year that Ramirez finally get over the hump and winning his first ever AL MVP award. Watch out to the MLB, because Jose Ramirez has a lot to prove this year.


Other Names: 

Aaron Judge

Alex Bregman 

Matt Chapman

Jose Abreu


Pick: Jose Ramirez


National League: 

Ronald Acuna Jr. 

Ronald Acuna Jr. has been one of the best young players that we have seen in the MLB the last couple of seasons. This is going to be the year that we see Acuna capitalize on and give us his best that we have seen so far. In his last full season of action he hit 41 home runs to go along with 101 RBI’s. I think we will see more of the same with a full season this year for Acuna. Watch out because Atlanta might have back to back NL MVP’s on their hands after this season.


Juan Soto

Last year’s silver slugger award winner Juan Soto is a big time name to watch out for as well this year. In his last full season Soto hit 34 home runs to go along with 110 RBI’s. The Nationals also won the World Series that year. Soto has bursted onto the scene since he has entered the league. He is one of the best young players in the game today, and he has a realistic chance of winning NL MVP this year. Watch out for Soto as he will look to become the first Nationals to win the MVP since Bryce Harper did it in 2015.


Fernando Tatis Jr. 

This will be our first full experience of seeing Tatis Jr. play a full season with the Padres. In 2019 he came up after the first month or so, and they never looked back. He is a big time name to watch out for because he is easily hands down the best hitter that San Diego has in that stacked lineup. I could list more and more about Fernando Tatis Jr., but you will have to see what he does this year on the field.


Other Names: 

Mookie Betts

Cody Bellinger

Christian Yelich

Nolan Arenado 

Francisco Lindor

Bryce Harper

Corey Seager


Pick: Ronald Acuna Jr. 


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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