Is the Joe Kelly Fight Club Back?! Recap and Residual Thoughts on the Astros-Dodgers Scuffle

Dodgers and Astros Beefing Baseball twitter was abuzz last night, with the Astros vs Dodgers game getting a bit testy.

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Mike Trout Isn’t Even the Best Player in His Division

There’s been a near consensus in baseball about Mike Trout for a few years now. Since Mike’s AL MVP debates

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Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 133: Astros Are Filthy Little Cheaters & Alex Cora’s BIG Role | Kaepernick Workout | Gordon Hayward

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali hit episode 133 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast with some HOT Astros news. The

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George Springer Pimped a Home Run… That Wasn’t a Home Run Costing Him a Triple and the Astros a Run

You’re in the World Series. Your team is attempting to mount a comeback here in a game where your ACE

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