Mike Trout Isn’t Even the Best Player in His Division

There’s been a near consensus in baseball about Mike Trout for a few years now. Since Mike’s AL MVP debates

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WATCH: I Haven’t Been As Captivated By A Video As I Was By Watching This Goose Cause Mayhem At The Angels, Dodgers Game In A Long Time (The Ending Is WILD)

We had a legit wild good chase on the field and the goose was so close to escaping but that

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WATCH: Shohei Ohtani Was Actually Trying To Land Balls On The Moon During BP And Has Lived Up To Expectation So Far

#ShoheiOhtani was legit trying to put balls on the moon during BP. #Angels pic.twitter.com/SvuzR35njD — Couch Guy Sports (@CouchGuySports) May

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The Red Sox Are Going To Light Shohei Ohtani Up Tonight

This is a statement that I will either regret saying, or I’ll look like a genius. I’m throwing money on

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