WATCH: Shohei Ohtani Was Actually Trying To Land Balls On The Moon During BP And Has Lived Up To Expectation So Far

So far, Shoehi Ohtani has been living up to expectation and honestly, if you had any sense of speculation like I did, he’s probably surpassed them.

Ohtani was sought after by a multitude of MLB teams over the offseason after he made his decision to officially make the transition from Japanese Baseball to the majors.

Multiple teams were in on him including the New York Yankees who, for a while, seemed like the clear front-runners to nab the “Japanese Babe Ruth”. But little did our American pee-brains know, this guy wanted to play in a warm climate (that might actually not be true) and wanted to be in a place where the pressure wasn’t mounted onto his shoulders. So after some careful consideration, the guy ends up with the Angels.

So sure, now we have another Japanese transfer and we’ve seen some have success in the majors, and some look like bums. I’m looking at you, Dice-D*ck.

But Ohtani. Ohhhhhhtani. This kid has been living up to everything that we had hoped for. I mean sure, does he prefer the stadium to be completely silent when he’s up to the plate. Yeah. Is wanting to play where people really don’t care about baseball kind of a weak move? Depends who you talk to. But regardless, the guy is showing up and playing some legit ball.

In 90 plate appearances, the 23-year-old sensation is hitting .321 with a .986 OPS and slugging .619. And pitching wise he has even been solid with an ERA 3.35 and a WHIP of 1.066.

It’s his batting that’s clearly been the most impressive aspect of his transition over to the bigs and I’m all in. I LOVE that we have a guy that we can consistently watch now who can hit yabos and then strike you out the day after. And those moon-rockets he was hitting in BP earlier. Holy moly. Imagine minding your own business, not paying attention in the 27th deck and all of a sudden taking an Ohtani-rocket off of the phalanges?

All in on Ohtani as it stands right now. Give me more of this kid STAT. I need it in my veins.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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