WATCH: I Haven’t Been As Captivated By A Video As I Was By Watching This Goose Cause Mayhem At The Angels, Dodgers Game In A Long Time (The Ending Is WILD)

Do you know how confused this goose must have been when he was just trying to chill on some plush grass and next thing he knows he has some schlubs chasing him down, trying to ruin a beautiful trip to the ballpark for him?

The second that this video started rolling on my Twitter feed I was locked in. Pure excitement. This goose just straight up wasn’t getting captured. He refused. This guy was rolling with the Patches O’Hoolihan technique. Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. It was all around legendary.

I see the video and read the title and it says watch until the end. So, you know, I’m anticipating a security guard getting tanked by this goose. Take off and go straight for his head. But then I’m watching him begin to head out of the stadium and I was like, sick. Decent watch, but nothing special. But the next thing you know this goose goes hauling into one of the scoreboards (I think it was a scoreboard) and crashes back down to earth. Electricity ensued last night for these Tigers fans because they legit have nothing to look forward to when going to that park right now.

And a sneaky star of this video was the woman who was holding onto the goose like they’ve known each other for years. It’s like she knocked on the door of Comerica Park and asked if someone saw her goose because it ran away from home. She’s handled some geese in her lifetime if you know what I’m saying.

She’s probably worked with animals quite frequently. That’s what I’m saying.

UPDATE: Apparently she’s a veterinarian. Good call, Nick.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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