Alex Verdugo contributions to the Red Sox are felt on and off the field

It’s been almost two full seasons that Alex Verdugo has been a member of the Boston Red Sox. The Sox

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Boston Red Sox are playing sloppy baseball, base running gaffes proving costly

The Red Sox were incredibly sloppy on the diamond against the Minnesota Twins. Boston had opportunities to win Wednesday night’s

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Hunter Renfroe powers the Red Sox with two more home runs on Tuesday

The Red Sox squeaked out a win over the Twins on Tuesday. Hunter Renfroe helped lead the offense crushing two

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Red Sox Ownership Is To Blame

It is no secret that the Red Sox’s recent struggles have put every Sox fan on edge and even to

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What the Red Sox lineup should look like when fully healthy

The Boston Red Sox are battling for a chance to get back into the postseason for the first time since

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