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Alex Verdugo has been a Pleasant Surprise for the Red Sox

When the Red Sox made the trade of Mookie Betts that had the MLB in total shock, nobody knew what to expect when they got their return. The Red Sox received outfielder Alex Verdugo in the trade. From the get-go, it seemed like Verdugo was a guy that would play hard and genuinely loved the game. But now in 2022, so far; we are seeing a much different side of Alex Verdugo. We’re seeing a guy that can be an integral part of the Red Sox lineup. Sure, the Red Sox are inconsistent right now. But Alex Verdugo has been a consistency so far and it’s a pleasant sight to see.

Alex Verdugo at the Plate

Alex Verdugo is a very consistent hitter at the plate. He continues to show this trend in the 2022 season. Going into the Rays series this past weekend, Verdugo was hitting .295 with nine RBI’s and an .898 OPS. Verdugo also is a guy that does not strike out much. Which is good for this Red Sox team because they love to chase bad pitches out of the zone. It is nice to have a constant in Alex Verdugo for this Red Sox lineup that should be lethal night in and night out.

Verdugo in the Field

Alex Verdugo continues to shine in the field as well. He’s had some nice catches in the outfield and saved a ton of runs. Verdugo is a guy that can help keep baserunners off of the base paths because he gets a good first step on fly balls and line drives in the outfield. Verdugo should be a guy that does not leave the outfield ever, along with the likes of Kiké Hernandez and Jackie Bradley Jr. for defensive purposes.

In Conclusion

I don’t think people are complaining as much about the Alex Verdugo trade now. Red Sox fans are appreciating what he can bring to a ball club night in and night out. Hopefully, Verdugo can keep up this production to help the Red Sox get back to the offense that they were in the 2021 season.

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: masslive.com

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