AFC Championship Preview: Patriots v.s. Chiefs

Well the Pats are here. It’s their birth right of the Brady/Belichick era, going to the AFC Championship. There are

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Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 92: The Rafters Podcast Special Guests | Patriots AFC Championship | Celtics Backfire

On this week’s Couch Guy Sports Podcast we had our guys on from the NEW podcast by Couch Guy Sports,

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Tedy Bruschi MURDERED Max Kellerman And His Takes On Live TV

Listen, I don’t want to try and tell the FCC how to do their job or anything but how do

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The Arctic Blast Gives the Patriots An Advantage Sunday And Bill Belichick Is Done Talking About It

Bill Belichick has already cemented himself as the greatest coach in NFL history in my opinion. Even if you want

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Who Will Be This Year’s Super Bowl Matchup?

It was a relatively uneventful division round, with each of the top two seeds from each conference winning pretty convincingly.

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